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The 3 zodiac signs that emotionally blackmail the most, according to astrology

Emotional blackmail is when a person demands, resists, pressures or threatens us, making us feel guilty for not giving in to their requests. It is a form of manipulation that is based on feelings and some zodiac signs are the most likely to fall into this capricious attitude.

They use this tactic so that others change their minds only in their interests and not someone else’s. According to astrology, the signs that can commit emotional blackmail the most are Libra, Scorpio and Capricorn. While all members of the Zodiac can be manipulative, these signs know how to do it by involving emotions.

Read on to find out how these signs emotionally blackmail us.

Those born from September 23 to October 22 are charming and are usually pleasant to everyone. They know it, so they use their sweetness to manipulate other people and get exactly what they want, explained astrologer Reda Wigle in an article for the online version of the New York Post.

As a sociable sign, he quickly understands people’s needs and acts by giving in to any of their requests because he knows that they will feel compromised when he needs their service.

Those born from October 23 to November 21 are capable of controlling the minds of others, sometimes they do so involuntarily. He is very perceptive and adept at reading thoughts, which is why he anticipates people’s movements and plays on emotions to get their requests fulfilled.

Use gestures and some tears when you don’t get what you want, making your partner or friends feel guilty. And it is that his blackmailing attitude is not subtle, on the contrary, it is notoriously emotional and scandalous.

Those born from December 22 to January 19 complement this small ranking because They are experts at noticing people’s weaknesses. and use them to obtain their own interests. It’s not a sign that you allow yourself to be vulnerable, but you can do it consciously when you know other people care.

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