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The 3 zodiac signs that choose to be villains and 3 that are usually the heroes

In life as in the movies, people can choose to be the villains or the heroes, depending on the side where the daily battles are fought. Although sometimes we can react positively, there will be times when we opt for the dark side, and the stars have something to do with this.

According to astrology, there are signs of the zodiac that choose the antagonistic role most of the time and, in contrast, there are those that naturally adopt the role of protagonists. What does it depend on? From their way of perceiving the world and how they channel emotions.

Next, we tell you which zodiac signs choose to be the villains and who prefer to be the heroes. For this classification, we have based ourselves on the ranking of astrological evil of the signs of the Astrofame site.

the villains of the zodiac

1. Scorpio

Scorpio’s personality is mysterious, but one thing is certain: either they give it their all or they don’t give up at all. These extreme poles come together in the funnel of intensity, meaning no matter which side they choose, they do so with passion. If they decide to be the villains they will be the most evil and there is no one who is more evil than them.

2. Leo

Leo could initially play the role of savior, but behind that role is his true face: it is a sign that conspires for its own benefit and not that of others. He loves being the star and if someone wants to outshine him, he does whatever it takes to beat him.

3. Virgo

The villain label that suits this sign the most is that of the evil genius. When he is overwhelmed by his negativity, his mind works like an evil machine planning the most cruel acts and revenge. However, before executing them he is always overcome by the kind side of him.

the zodiac heroes

1. Pound

Libra is too kind to others and in his life there is no room for conflicts and fights. She devises the best remedy to resolve an adverse situation without harming anyone. For this reason he is the best hero of the zodiac.

2. Pisces

If something affects and hates Pisces, it is bad energies. It is a pleasant, empathetic and no matter how many times he gets hurt, he will never give in to the dark side.

3. Sagittarius

Fun and adventure is the standard with which Sagittarians go through life. In his heart and mind there is no room for evil or evil plans because he is too busy being cool.. For this reason he almost always chooses the role of hero.

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