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The 3 zodiac signs that are enemies of Christmas

Christmas is not a time that everyone enjoysAccording to astrology, there are signs of the zodiac that hate the bustle of shops bursting with last-minute purchases, listening to Christmas carols everywhere and the false hugs of relatives whom they only see once a year.

These signs, although they may have Christmas spirit, behave like the Grinch because its energy is not in tune with the aesthetic or superficial concept of Christmas. In exchanges, they hate choosing a gift for a person they don’t even know, that time and money could well be spent on something else, at least, that’s their thought.

Find out why below Aries, Virgo and Libra are the zodiac signs that least enjoy Christmas.

An action-oriented sign dislikes the slow pace everyone takes once the holiday season begins. He is desperate that work times are delayed until the next year and the objectives have to wait only for the coexistence with friends, colleagues and family.

Christmas could put an Aries in a bad mood, as he explains in an article Las Estrellas, because he is not one of those who wants to stay with his hands crossed on holidays.

It’s no secret that Virgo is the zodiac sign that judges people the most. His perfectionist and methodical character leads him to severely criticizing family and friends at Christmas gatherings.

However, what Virgo hates most about Christmas is that it is practically impossible for her to continue with her diet due to the excess of food that is usually present at gatherings; In addition, he stresses more than usual because he does not know if his gifts will be well received by his loved ones.

Libra naturally seeks harmony and peace in their life, and as contradictory as it may seem, Christmas is not a pleasant one for this sign. The bustle of meetings, calls from relatives and congratulatory messages disturb your peace of mind.

Although Libra is a sign that likes to live together and socialize, the concept of Christmas for those of this sign is to spend it in a peaceful place with their loved ones.

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