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The 3 zodiac signs most likely to suffer from insomnia

If you’re having trouble falling asleep, it could be the stars’ fault. According to astrology, there are zodiac signs that are more prone to insomnia so you could blame your birth date for the long waking nights.

According to astrologers, some signs have nocturnal tendencies which means they thrive at night and feel most productive while the Sun is down. That is why it is difficult for them to sleep since their energy increases when most of them are resting in the comfort of their bed.

If you like stay up late at night or usually have insomnia Maybe you belong to one of the following zodiac signs.

Throughout the day, Pisces absorbs the energy and vibrations of the people around them, so they it can be hard for him to relax at night. “These are complex and sensitive people who need to isolate themselves from the world at night,” astrologers comment in a Bustle article.

One of the ways you use to clear your energy system is to stay up doing creative or artistic things. Your imagination is most restless at night.

A Scorpio thrives and feels “most alive” when everything is quieter and darker. The silence and stillness of the night is fertile ground for this sign. so he takes advantage of the night to be more productive and cultivate his hobbies.

“Night is the only time when the armor can be removed so that they can relax and enjoy their own company,” the astrologers noted.

Sagittarius are explorers by nature, so they have a very restless mind. They take advantage of the night to think about what their next adventure will be and they imagine the experiences they will have in the near future. Furthermore, it is a sign that can spend hours in nature or outdoors and is not bothered by little sleep.

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