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The 3 women of the Zodiac who flee from long relationships

The fear of commitment, loving a person and feeling that the heart belongs to someone special could be a matter of the horoscope. It turns out that The signs of the zodiac can tell us what kind of women are those who run away from long relationships.

According to astrology, these signs in their feminine version they love to feel free and independentso the idea of ​​sharing most of the time with one person may not be pleasant because they hate feeling emotionally tied up.

When their feelings start to get stronger or the conversations include the idea of ​​meeting the family, moving in together, getting married or having children, the relationship becomes complicated with them. Some are able to flee without the slightest doubt and others ask for space, because They think they are not ready to take the next step.

Next, find out what signs women flee from long-term relationships belong to.

Aries women feel comfortable in the stage of falling in love, they love being conquered and the passion of the first dates. However, when the relationship begins to lengthen, they feel that they could be in the wrong arms because they get bored very easily.

This zodiac sign is known for making hasty decisions, so his love life is full of fleeting loves; their relationships often end as quickly as they begin.

The sign to which these women belong is too curious. You will not be left with the doubt of trying a new relationship, however, at the slightest sign of disinterest, the heart is not tempted to abandon your partner.

The Gemini woman values ​​her time and does not want to waste it with those who see no future. Although she is in love, she prefers to choose another path for fear that her partner does not feel the same way.

The Sagittarius are the women who have the shortest and most fleeting relationships. Its sign does not agree with the idea of ​​commitment because it implies sacrificing freedoms. They flee to avoid the sense of belonging.

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