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The 3 signs of the zodiac that today could feel paranoid

The square of the Moon with Pluto that occurs this Thursday will cause 3 signs of the zodiac to feel paranoidbecause they will experience episodes of anxiety, worry and nervousness caused by things that did not happen or have not yet happened.

In astrology, a square is a planetary aspect that it usually causes tensions, conflicts and differences, this is because the stars are in signs of incompatible elements. The moon this day is located in Scorpio and as Pluto is involved, the planet of evolution, transformation and destruction, it is possible that these signs have dark and negative thoughts.

When there are emotions involved they could be prey to fears and fears for no reason, for example, that something is wrong with their health, or believing that things are going wrong at work or that they did something wrong by accident. However, these are things that have not happened, explained YourTango.com in an article.

The positive side is that there will be no negative actions, bad behaviors, deception of third parties or bad luck, it is only a feeling of being trapped in mental problems. Learn which signs will be feeling paranoid today, below.

The Moon squaring Pluto will cause question yourself at various times of the day and you’ll want to take a break from your activities to recharge. She will overthink things and have the feeling that something serious is going on, thus, she could have a more dramatic behavior.

Accustomed to living in a routine, today you will feel distaste for following the same pattern. The square of the Moon with Pluto it will throw you off balance so it will be a tough day to get through. He will have random ideas and will not be able to focus on just one, the good news is that clarity will soon come.

Although at the beginning of the day you feel powerful, since the Moon enters this sign, you could redirect this energy to things that hurt you. Pride could end in humiliation, at least, that’s what’s on his mind now. He must be attentive to each of the movements that he makes today because your rebellious spirit will be acting without modesty and could have serious consequences.

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