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The 3 prophecies of Nostradamus that were fulfilled in 2022

One of Nostradamus’s predictions is associated with the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

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The prophecies of the famous 16th century French astrologer and prophet Michel de Notre-Dame, better known as Nostradamusthey become very popular every time a new year is about to begin, but we rarely review which of them were fully fulfilled.

In his book “Les Prophéties”, a collection of 942 poetic quatrains whose first edition came to light in 1555, he wrote his visions of the future of the world, some of which came true and have given him worldwide fame as the assassination of King Henry II, the Great Fire of London and the attack on the Twin Towers.

It is interesting that, over time, Nostradamus has remained one of the most accurate prophets in the history of the world. because some of his predictions have come true year after year.

What Nostradamus prophecies were fulfilled in 2022? The year is about to close and with a few days to go, we will tell you what events the astrologer who died in 1566 “hit the mark”.

1. Siege of a big city

In one of his quatrains he said “Around the Big City, there will be soldiers housed in fields and suburbs”, prophecy that fits with the war between Russia and Ukrainethis last country was severely hit by the bombings ordered by the Russian president Vladimir Putin.

The Russian soldiers, although they have not been able to invade the Ukrainian capital kyiv, have approached and have set foot on towns and suburbs of that country.

2. Increased food prices

“Honey will cost much more than candle wax; so high the price of wheat ”the prophet noted in one of his quatrains, which immediately leads us to the serious economic situation in the worldto the point of a global recession, as a result of the pandemic and after the war between Ukraine and Russia.

3. Death of a political leader

“The sudden death of the first character, will be changed and another will be put in his kingdom” was the prophecy of Nostradamus associated with the death of Queen Elizabeth II on September 8, whose death shocked the entire world and marked the end of an era for the United Kingdom.

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