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The 3 most spiritually sensitive zodiac signs, according to astrology

The gift of perceiving things beyond the 5 senses may have an astrological reason as it turns out that the horoscope would be responsible for spiritual sensitivity. While the entire Zodiac has the ability to develop parapsychological abilities, 3 signs were born with the magic to receive information through unconventional channels.

Everything in the universe is energy and there is a part of it that few people easily perceive, for example, feeling emotions in environments, perceiving ethereal presences or more extravagant things like calling another person with your thoughts and even intuiting what they are thinking or will happen next.

The spiritual realm lives with us, but due to lack of faith, belief or sensitivity, not all people manage to access it on this plane. However, if your sun, ascendant or moon sign is one of those listed below you have the potential to perceive things beyond what your logic says.

This water sign is ruled by the Moon, the star most associated with the magic that happens on our planet. Many cultures around the world use to practice spells and rituals tuned to the lunar calendar, and the reason is that this astrological planet governs intuition and the inner self.

Cancer guards the Fourth House, associated with roots and ancestry. This represents the moment in the cosmos when we go from the ethereal to the concrete. For such reasons, this sign has the reputation of being hyper intuitive and highly perceptiveexplained the astrologer Reda Wigle in an article for the New York Post in its online version.

In the Virgo tarot horoscope, it is represented by the arcane of the Hermit, which is illustrated with the typical character of Merlin, the most famous sorcerer of all time and who symbolizes wisdom and superior knowledge. The ruling planet of this sign is Mercury, a planet that is in tune with the energy of the Magician’s card in the tarot.

Because of these characteristics, Virgo has the potential to raise your energy to the most mystical and see beyond the mundaneand as an earth sign, it is deeply rooted in the magic that nature hides, the astrologer commented.

The planet that rules Pisces is Neptune, in charge of dreams, the spiritual realm and the unconscious. Logically this sign has in its nature the sensitivity to perceive information with its sixth sense.

Pisces always welcomes the strange, believes magic is real and can somehow manifest it in the world. These people are the most likely to acquire talismans, amulets, quartz and perform rituals.

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