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The 3 most responsible signs of the Zodiac and the 3 most irresponsible

Responsibility is a characteristic that people acquire as they advance in their adult life and while some mature in this aspect faster, others take longer. It turns out that zodiac signs can have an influence on how responsible or irresponsible we can be.

Each sign has innate qualities and weaknesses that it strengthens or balances depending on the experiences it experiences along the way. When we talk about responsibility some are more likely to commit because of their astrological qualities, in contrast, others of them fail to establish a balance point with respect to their negative aspects and are less likely to be responsible.

Who are the most and least responsible signs of the zodiac? Find out who they are and why.

The 3 most responsible signs of the Zodiac

As an earth sign ruled by Saturn and with an adult soul, Capricorn is the sign most likely to be responsible. Your ruling planet is in charge of discipline, while your natural element makes you have your feet firmly on the ground. They keep their word and do not delegate their obligations, they assume responsibility for their actions and are committed; failing is not something that comports with their values.

Like Capricorn, Virgo is another earth sign listed as one of the most responsible. He is strict with his plans and schedules because another of his qualities is being organized, for this reason, it is not uncommon for him to commit to himself and to other people.

This sign, also of earth, is the third most responsible of the zodiac. Taurus does not like last-minute changes or unforeseen ones; He is obstinate with his routines, so to commit to others, he first commits to himself, he is also reliable and safe.

The 3 most irresponsible signs of the Zodiac

As the first sign of the Zodiac, Aries is a young soul who moves on impulse. He wants to be the first in everything and his decisions are not always the best. He doesn’t want to accept his mistakes so he tends to shirk his responsibilities.

Geminis are likely to become irresponsible when they make having fun their top priority. He usually cancels last-minute commitments because he wants to live in the moment. Also, he is often indecisive so he often postpones important decisions.

Another of the most irresponsible signs of the Zodiac is Sagittarius. When there is an adventure in front of him, he does not hesitate to take it despite having commitments along the way. His philosophy is “you only live once”, but when he takes it to the extreme he tends to leave his obligations in the background.

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