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The 2022 Capricorn season begins: each sign will be able to manifest its purposes

Capricorn season 2022 starts with the winter solstice This Wednesday, December 21, which means that the Sun will begin its journey through the territories of this zodiac sign, where it will remain until January 19, 2023.

Capricorn is an earth sign ruled by Saturn, the planet in charge of discipline, structure and ambition, making the sea goat of hard hearted, unbreakable, practical and focused on achieving his goals.

Therefore, the Capricorn cycle aligns perfectly with the holiday season, when we usually reflect on the events of the year that is gone and think about the purposes of the year to come. This energy is no stranger to the zodiac signs, as it can help them manifest their 2023 goals.

Impact of the era of Capricorn 2022 on the signs of the zodiac


The Capricorn cycle reminds you that your purposes require effort. Get enough rest these days, reflect and practice patience, astrologer Megan Michelena recommended to your sign, according to a review by Bustle.


The energy of the sea goat makes your sign more curious and independent, being the ideal astrological month to obey your intuition. Build your goals with your feet on the ground without neglecting your love side, suggested Michelena.


During the Sun in Capricorn you will feel a desire to investigate what is inside of you; That is positive because you will find what frustrates you and prevents you from advancing in your goals. Do not let stress invade you, do activities that relax you and then start writing your resolutions for 2023, the astrologer pointed out.


Capricorn invites you to make an effort to solve your deepest problems, those that you do not want to address and consciously ignore. Take a whole day to take a hot bath and reflect, this ritual will help you balance your energy.


Your thoughts are now somewhat disorganized and the energy of Capricorn will help you to put them in line. Start with those who hit pride, so the others will be easier to solve.


Capricorn energy is too practical for Virgo, so your sign will feel uncreative these days to set their goals. What to do to make thoughts flow? Get out of your comfort zone to see things from another perspective. A short trip to an unknown place can help.


The ambitious energy of Capricorn will drive you to strengthen your family ties, here you will find the foundations of your New Year’s resolutions. Just remember to prioritize your needs and then attend to those of your loved ones.


The beginning of the Capricorn cycle will give you a sample of the growth you have obtained after a difficult year. Do not contain your emotions, let them synchronize with what you have experienced to release them and make room for the new that will come in 2023.


The energy of the sea goat makes you anxious, you feel that you must meet your financial goals and you do not have the motivation to do so. Take advantage of this season to rest, and when your mind is relaxed, plan how you want to achieve those goals; inspiration will come


The sun is in your sign so now your energy is at its best. Important changes will come and will make you reconcile with yourself. Rest as much as you can because this way you will charge your batteries to 100% and then you can start the path towards your most ambitious goals with power.


It is possible that during Capricorn season you experience a mental fog that will prevent you from seeing what you really want. To have a clear picture, you just have to follow your intuition and let your fears and delusions be the ones that govern you.


Capricorn season can be confusing for your Pisces sign, as you are dreamy and idealistic, and Capricorn is more practical, focused and realistic. This cycle is a wake-up call to admit fanciful goals, the positive thing is that you will be able to find purposes aligned with your passions and that you will be able to fulfill if you set your mind to it.

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