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The 13 lucky jewels that lead to success

In almost all the cultures of the world, the belief prevails that some symbols help the human being to stay away from negative energy.

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People who are governed by luck tend to attribute a large part of their success to certain amulets that they usually carry in their pockets or to jewelry that they openly wear wherever they go.

So it doesn’t hurt to know some of the recommended pieces and symbols to wink at good fortune.

Tree of Life

Due to its powerful meaning, the Tree of Life is a symbol widely used in jewelry making.

Since its deep roots and robust trunk represent the foundation and values ​​that accompany a person, this figure is linked to the cycle of life.

lucky witch

This being related to sorcery has also become one of the most chosen jewels to give away, since In a positive way, they represent healers who, when mounted on a broom, appear to flee from problems.

Egyptian cross

The Ankh, known as the Cross of Life or Egyptian Cross, It is an amulet that represents air and water as important elements to give life. In addition, it is believed that it drives away any type of negative energy.

Elephant with raised trunk

Throughout history the elephant is identified as an animal that generates luck, but when making a pachyderm pendant with its raised trunk it is mentioned that abundance and prosperity are attracted.

Egyptian scarab

Its meaning was popularized in Ancient Egypt, because He is related to the god Khepri and his power to be reborn with the sun every morning.


A large number of people maintain that wearing a wishbone-shaped pendant attracts positivity and good luck.


This object represents fertility and prosperity for those who wear it and believe in its power.


Also known as Figa or “black hand”, the Higa It is an amulet that serves to drive away envy and jealousy.as well as protect from diseases.


to this insect It is attributed the power to attract prosperity, peace, beauty and changes.because it symbolizes success.

Fatima’s hand

Represents protection and prevention of bad energy. When the hand is up, it symbolizes protection and when the fingers are down, it symbolizes wealth.

eye of horus

Popularly known as the “All-seeing Eye” or “the Eye of Ra”, this amulet of Egyptian origin helps to protect, but also represents progress and the rebirth of the soul.

Turkish eye

Originally from a territory shared between Greece and Turkey, this piece protects from the evil eye and negative energies.

Four Leaf Clover

It is a symbol that comes from the Irish and It is considered synonymous with good omens and fortune.

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