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The 11 Scariest Amusement Park Accidents in History

Each year, more than 300 million people ride roller coasters about 1.7 billion times. But, due to these huge numbers, then we can also expect around 1500 injuries or small accidents to occur.

And the truth is that that number can sound somewhat scary. Although, when compared to all the times people ride those rides, accidents really could be considered a rare occurrence.

But, as rare as they are, accidents do happen.. And despite all the security measures that amusement parks put in place, sometimes the unthinkable can happen and terror can be unleashed.

And when we think of an accident of this type, a mechanical failure that triggers a disaster surely comes to mind. No matter how hard we try, or how careful we are, humans can always make mistakes…

1. Mindbender, West Edmonton Mall, 1986.

via YouTube / Blendture

This attraction is still in operation today but underwent a major redesign process after this incident. The car went off the rails during a turn and three people died from the fall. There have been no further accidents.

2. Super Himalayas, Coney Island, 1999.

Via DOD3

Unfortunately a 17-year-old girl lost her life when a towing hook broke causing the car she was in to roll over.

3. Batman, Six Flags Over Georgia, 2008.

Via 92.5 XTU/CBS

A teenager lost his hat while riding a roller coaster. Minutes later, he ignored the security signs and jumped several fences to retrieve it. Nobody noticed his presence so he was beheaded by one of the wagons.

4. The Big Dipper, Battersea Park, 1972.

Via core nostalgia

This wooden roller coaster was the most exciting thing to do in London at this time, but that all changed when one of the carriages lost its transmission, killing five children.

5. Superman’s Tower of Power, Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom Amusement Park, 2007.

Via David R. Tribble / Wikimedia Commons

A 13-year-old girl was on this ride when one of the cables snapped and caught around her feet, causing her to lose them forever.

6. The Smiler, Alton Towers, 2015.

Via the Daily Mail | WMA/SWNS

The accident of this roller coaster caused 16 injuries when an empty car collided with a full one, causing some of them to even suffer amputations.

7. Fujin Raijin II, Expoland 2007.

Via RideAccidents.com | AP/Kyodo News

This roller coaster derailed when a wheel axle broke. One passenger was killed and 19 others were injured.

8. Little Fire Dragon Breath, 1989 Lagoon Amusement Park.

Via Joel A. Rogers / Coaster Gallery

It was a roller coaster for small children but the worst thing that could happen happened when a child lost his balance and fell onto the tracks.

9. Space Journey, 2010 Middle Overseas Chinese City.

Via Imgur / RobertAMcClellan

This space simulator fell to the ground from 20 meters high, killing six people and injuring ten others.

10. Superman Ride of Steel, Darien Lake Theme Park Resort 2011.

Via Coasterman1234 / Wikimedia Commons

One soldier removed his prosthetic legs for this trip, causing him to slip off his seat and fall to his death.

11. Wild Wonder, Gillian’s Wonderland Pier from 1999.

Via Donald B. Kravitz / examiner

At the top of the roller coaster there was a problem and all the cars went backwards, with the misfortune that a woman and her eight-year-old son died at the moment.

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