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The 10 most important discoveries of recent years

If we can remember the last few years for anything, it is for becoming a at a very important time for archeology.

New discoveries have been made from all over the world, some of great importance that have even changed the way we saw certain cultures.

Other discoveries have served to open new questions about our past.

The most incredible archaeological revelations of recent years

1- The secret chamber of Cheops

Wikimedia Commons

This pyramid does not stop revealing new secrets every year. Now it’s been discovered the oldest camera that exists so far.

This has been thanks to cosmic rays, a technique with which it has been possible to analyze the pyramid without having to make any drastic changes to it.

2- The oldest aqueduct in Rome

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Experts date it from the 4th century BC, which a priori makes it the oldest found to date.

It was discovered during excavations to build the Rome metro, between the Colosseum area and San Geovani in Laterano. The most incredible of all is the depth at which this find was found.

3- The colossus of Ramses II

Wikimedia Commons

In a joint mission between Egypt and Germany in Cairo, two statues of what appear to be two pharaonic kings of the 19th dynasty. Experts are almost convinced that one is based on Ramesses II.

The statue is smashed and It is about 8 meters tall, next to it is what seems to be that of Seti I, son of Ramses I and measures 80 centimeters. Archaeologists working to continue finding the remaining pieces, in order to confirm their identity 100%.

4- The long lost city of Alexander the Great


Thanks to drones and their ability to get impressive aerial views, it has been discovered a city called Qalatga Darband located in Iraq. Although the first photographs were taken by the CIA in 1960, it was not until it came into expert hands that they began to investigate the city.

An archeology company, thanks to drone photos, began to realize old grooves existed around the areas where the photographs had been taken, finally discovering the lost city. A multitude of Greco-Roman relics have already been discovered.

5- The first Viking warrior

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MGM Television

In 1880, archaeologists discovered 1,000 graves located on the island of Bjorko. One of them stood out above the others by being placed in a higher area, with all the military equipment of the time and an old strategy game on her lap.

It was found out that he was an important military strategist, but no one knew for sure if he was a man or a woman. This year the answer has finally been found, thanks to some collected DNA samples. The skeleton lacks the Y chromosome, suggesting that it is a female. To date the first female viking warrior high rank discovered.

6- Prehistoric tombs of the Vilanera necropolis

Wikimedia Commons

In the region of Catalonia, a burial area has been discovered that contained 17 graves dating from the late Bronze Age and early Iron Age. A very important discovery, since, according to experts, it will help to learn more about the first Greek enclave in the area, called Empúries.

7- The tomb of a Mayan ruler from the 4th century


It dates between 300-350 BC and was discovered in the area of Peru-Waka, located in Guatemala. Currently, it is the oldest Mayan royal tomb found in this archaeological site.

The remains belong to an adult man, although no engravings or anything about him have been found, it may be the King Te’Chan Ahk.

8- The Aztec sacrifice of a wolf covered in gold

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The wolf represented Huitzilopochtli, the god of gold and war, helped warriors to cross the river of the underworld. This sacrifice is located between the year 1400 and 1500, at the time of the discovery of America.

9- The mystery of HS Hunley


In 1864, this submarine became the first to shoot down a warship. A joy that did not last long for the crew, since it is the last thing that was known from him until 130 years later. In 1995 it was discovered and in the year 2000 the first 8 corpses appeared.

By that time, no one knew what had happened to the bodies, nor what had happened to the submarine to make it sink. The answer seems to have been found, it is claimed that it was the torpedo that brought down the ship that also killed the crew of HS Hunley due to the pressure of the missile being launched.

10- The giant statue of Angkor


A statue of 1.9 meters and weighing almost 200 kilos was found in the Angkor area, the largest archaeological complex in Southeast Asia. The statue it’s incomplete, since the arms and part of the legs are missing, although they are expected to be found. It represents a guard and was built between 1125 and 1218 AD.

What discovery do you find most impressive?

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