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The 10 Most Hated Actors In Hollywood No One Wants To Work With

When we see a movie and the actors are laughing, we think that everything is good vibes behind the scenes, but we couldn’t be more wrong.

There are numerous actors who have earned the hatred of their peers for their attitude and the things they have done during filming.

The most hated actors in their profession

1- Gwyneth Paltrow


The actress has a series of very clear requirements when she is going to participate in a film that her colleagues do not usually like.

Besides, tends not to get along with them, hence Scarlett Johansson was not spoken to during The Avengers.

2- Shia LaBeouf


The actor has earned the hatred of actors of the stature of Harrison Ford or Brad Pitt for his behavior during filming. He has been arrested several times and He has gone through rehab to treat his drug addiction.

3- Mel Gibson

20th Century Fox / Icon Productions / Ladd Company

The actor was very good in his time, but now everyone criticizes him for having become a racist for his statements and an alcoholic for his addictions. In fact, in 2006 a tape came to light in which he made racist and sexual comments.

4- Julia Roberts

TriStar Pictures / Amblin Entertainment

During the filming of Hook’s film, in which he played Tinkerbell, they gave him the nickname “Campainfierno”. Apparently he did not stop complaining and demanding things. It is seen that either her attitude has changed or her talent is too much to leave her without movies to do.

5-Val Kilmer

Paramount Pictures / Don Simpson / Jerry Bruckheimer Films

The actor became a star alongside Tom Cruise in top gunbut you haven’t seen him in any current movies because of his behavior. Director of Batman Forever He assured that he is a “childish and impossible” person.

6- Lindsay Lohan

Paramount Pictures

He went from Disney star to famous star. Drug use, being late for filming and his whims were some of the reasons why no one wanted to work with her. Now she has dazzled her life, but few trust to hire her.

7- Steven Seagal


Ever since actors refused to work with him, he has had to make low-budget films produced by independent studios. Seagal has been involved in several altercations during filming.

8- Sharon Stone

Carolco Pictures / StudioCanal – Canal+

The actress is not liked by her colleagues since she does a little what she wants. Besides, it is said that she was the culprit that the sequel to Basic Instinct was delayed due to her demands.

9- Bruce Willis


In recent years, Willis has earned a reputation as a troublemaker; some of her peers expressed how whiny she was during filming and her haughty attitude.

10- Edward Norton


Apparently, this actor is quite controlling during filming what drives his colleagues and directors crazy. Also, it doesn’t help that he tweaks scripts and adds scenes to his movies.

Do you think these are reasons enough for these actors to be hated by their peers?

ohshare with your friends and family why these actors are so hated!

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