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That’s why you need vitamin D as a dietary supplement and in skin care

Do you know all the benefits of vitamin D? We tell you everything you need to know about the sunshine vitamin and list our favorite products below!

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Vitamin D is not actually a vitamin but a hormone that is formed by the body when it is exposed to the sun. The process involves the kidneys, liver and the keratinocytes in the skin. It is needed, among other things, to strengthen the immune system, prevent osteoporosis and to be able to absorb calcium and phosphate, which in turn are needed to strengthen teeth and bones.

What strength should you have on vitamin D?

Those of us who live in the northern hemisphere naturally find it more difficult to replenish enough vitamin D during the winter months. For that reason, you need to eat foods that contain vitamin D and preferably also supplement with food supplements. According to the Swedish Food Agency, you should get 10 micrograms per day and 20 micrograms if you are over 75 or are not exposed to the sun.

An extra protection

If you want to get some extra vitamin D, you should invest in fatty fish such as salmon, herring and mackerel. Eggs, vitamin D-enriched milk products, herbal drinks and food fat mixtures are also important sources. When it comes to skin care with vitamin D, it cannot replace a vitamin D-rich diet or supplements, but it can provide extra protection and strengthen the skin. The vitamin also stimulates the hair follicles and can help your hair grow.

Anti-inflammatory and anti-aging

The reason skin care products with vitamin D have become popular is that they both reduce inflammation and can actually help the skin repair itself. As if this were not enough, vitamin D acts as an antioxidant, something that makes the vitamin an anti-aging ingredient in skin care.

Here are some of the good effects that vitamin D through food supplements or a skin cream has:

  • Good results on psoriasis and eczema, especially when it comes to reducing flaking and itching
  • Helps the skin recover from sunburn or wounds
  • Good effects on inflamed acne and rosacea
  • Can counteract sun damage and premature aging

Check out our favorite vitamin D products below!

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