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That’s why we celebrate Waffle Day on March 25

Waffle Day is one of our most beloved traditions. But did you know that the celebration actually comes from a wrong saying?

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On March 25, we celebrate waffle day, a day when we take the opportunity to enjoy a good waffle or two. The day coincides with the church holiday Mary’s Annunciation Day, which is not a coincidence – the fact is that “Waffle Day” is a mispronunciation of “Vårfrudagen”, which is another name for Mary’s Annunciation Day.

Marked the transition between winter and spring

Mary’s Annunciation Day, which has been celebrated in Christian countries since at least the 6th century, was the day when the Archangel Gabriel told the Virgin Mary that she would give birth to the Son of God nine months later. This is the reason why the day is called Mary’s Annunciation Day in the church calendar.

For the Swedish farming community, Vårfrudagen marked the transition between winter and spring and ushered in the start of spring farming. This was a good period for making waffles, as the availability of eggs and milk in the past was greater after winter – surely a contributing factor to Waffle Day becoming so popular.

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