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That’s why Rebecca chose to leave Henrik in “Farmer Seeks Wife”

The search for love out in the countryside took a sudden turn when the participant Rebecca chose to leave “Farmer Seeks Wife.” During an emotional conversation, she informed the farmer Henrik that she was leaving with the words “this situation is getting a bit difficult for me.”

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In the program, Rebecca says that the decision is rooted in herself, and that it is not about Henrik. “This is not easy but I have landed in that I have decided to go home. You are a super nice person, but this situation is getting a little difficult for me,” she says during the emotional conversation. It is an obviously disappointed Henrik who speaks into the camera after the announcement. “It felt like we had something in common,” he says after the announcement from Rebecca, adding, “I didn’t see that coming.”

Rebecca herself is clear that the choice is about her poor self-esteem and past experiences. “I need to piece myself together a bit,” she says in the program.

Will be the third to leave

With Rebecca’s decision, she becomes the third to leave farmer Henrik and the pursuit of love. Participant Rosel chose to leave a few weeks earlier and was also in tears over the decision. “There is absolutely nothing wrong with you at all,” she says to Henrik when she tells him that she is leaving. “You are one of the nicest men I’ve ever met, you really are and you deserve it all and then some.” For Rosel, missing the children at home became too great and she therefore chose to cancel her participation in the program.

Participant Denice has also chosen to leave. She tells the viewers that she has chosen to follow her gut feeling as she feels that emotions are not enough. “You are a magical person, I have never met such a nice person”, she says to Henrik in the program. “But I feel like I want to leave. It is nothing against you but it is I.” She wishes him luck with the other girls and tells him that she had hoped her feelings would be stronger.

Henrik describes the news as “a cold shower” but also that Denice’s participation has given him a lot during the course of the program which he will carry with him in the future.

Has opened up about the longing for children

Henrik has previously opened up about his participation in the program and why he is looking for love. He told his friend Erik earlier last autumn about his dream and hope of being able to start a family. “The big dream is to one day have the opportunity to start a family”, he tells the friend and that it would have been “nice to one day in the future be met by one or two kids in the morning”, together with a future wife.

We wish Henrik the best of luck in his search for love and hope he finds the right one soon!

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