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That’s why K-Beauty brand Beauty of Joseon has gone viral

K-Beauty brand Beauty of Joseon has been hyped to say the least lately and the brand’s hyped products are mentioned in almost every K-Beauty related video on TikTok. The products focus on making the skin soft and well-being, and contain natural ingredients to improve both skin tone and texture.

At the center of the skin care brand is the Korean approach to beauty, where the focus is on a well-being and cared for skin with a lot of glow. Beauty of Joseon offers everything from sunscreen and serums to toners and cleansers. The brand uses hanbang ingredients from traditional herbal medicine that balance, protect and care for your skin in the best way.

Our favorites so far are Glow Deep Serum which counteracts uneven skin tone and pigmentation, Ginseng Essence Water which replenishes with moisture and nutrition and the cleansing oil Radiance Clearing Balm which, with the help of rice bran and extracts from cereals, cleans your face of make-up and keeps it hydrated.

Check out the products below!

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