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That’s why Cale Kubena turned down the rose in the Bachelorette

During the rose ceremony in the love reality show “Bachelorette”, participant Cale Kubena chose to decline a rose from this year’s bachelorette Olivia Birgersson. “Of course I feel disappointed,” he says in the program.

Photo: TV4

It was during the rose ceremony that participant Cale Kubena delivered the surprising news. Despite the fact that Olivia Birgersson chose to give him a rose – and thus a continued place in the reality show where the search for love is at the center – he chose to go home.

At the rose ceremony, he explains his choice as follows. “I think you’re a wonderful girl, absolutely beautiful in every way. I really think you’re so damn beautiful, but unfortunately I don’t feel that the attraction I’m looking for is there. And I feel like you might have found it more in a couple of the other guys. Therefore, it feels more right for me to decline.” Olivia replies that the decision is “perfectly fine”, and that she respects it.

Before leaving, Cale wishes Olivia luck and says he hopes she finds what she’s looking for. At the same time, it is revealed that the announcement also had another background. Cale tells viewers that he feels disappointed. “It’s clear that I feel disappointed, and I’ve spent a lot of time and tried in every possible way to show an interest, but I don’t feel like she’s put in the same effort as me.”

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