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That’s why all the girls left the farmer Matthew in “Farmer Seeks Wife”

“Farmer Seeks Wife” took an unexpected turn when farmer Matthew was left by both Kim and Iza, who were the only girls left. “It’s a bit of a shock,” says Matthew on the show.

Photo: TV4

In the eleventh episode of this year’s round of “Farmer Seeks Wife”, both Iza and Kim, who both dated the farmer Matthew, would decide to leave the program. Although there were some sparks during the course of the program, none of the girls felt that love really struck.

On the show, Kim reveals to Iza that she and Matthews kissed during a date. After a conversation, they both then make a joint decision to leave. In the program, Kim tells that the feelings have not become romantic enough and for Iza’s part, the relationship with Matthew felt mostly friendly. “I appreciate that Matthew is so easy-going and spreads good energy around him. There’s some girl out there that’s going to be lucky,” Kim tells the camera.

When Matthew receives the dramatic news out in the yard, he is surprised. “It’s a bit of a shock,” he says in the program. But despite his disappointment, he also says he will take the experience with him as positive thoughts and feelings.

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