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That’s how much electricity the Christmas lights use – and that’s how you reduce costs

Poinsettias, Advent candles and Christmas tree lights are some of the traditional decorations that can cause electricity consumption to increase during Christmas. But how much do they really cost us?

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Due to the recent high electricity prices, many people are keeping an extra eye on their electricity consumption this winter, so it may be useful to know how much traditional Christmas lighting such as poinsettias and advent candles cost the average household.

Luckily have Eon accounted for precisely this, calculated with an electricity price of SEK 3/kWh – note, however, that the electricity price varies over time and is different depending on the electricity area and electricity contract. Below we list some of the most common Christmas decorations and their average electricity consumption.

Christmas tree lighting

The costs of having the Christmas tree lights on during Christmas can vary greatly depending on the type of string lights you have. According to Eon, a traditional Christmas tree lighting without LED lights, with 16 lights and 3W per light, costs an average of SEK 54 to be lit 12 hours a day for 31 days.

A new light loop with LED lamps is significantly cheaper to operate than an old light loop with 10-20 years behind it, and is thus often an investment that is well worth making.

Advent candlestick

An Advent candlestick with traditional light bulbs that is lit for 12-15 hours per day costs an average of SEK 5.95 a week, according to Eon. Having three Advent candles lit throughout December, i.e. 31 days, costs approximately SEK 84.

If, however, you replace the traditional light bulbs with LED lamps, the cost drops dramatically to 80 öre per candlestick per week. The electricity costs for three Advent candles will then instead be SEK 10.65 for the whole of December.


If you have a poinsettia with a 4W LED lamp in it, it costs an average of SEK 4.50 to have it lit for 8 hours per day between the first of Advent and the Epiphany.

Outdoor Christmas lights

In December, many choose to decorate the balcony, terrace or garden with Christmas lights. If you have a battery-powered tree loop, rechargeable batteries are an excellent idea – as a rule, these have 500 times longer life than disposable batteries. Also remember to turn off the lighting during daylight hours.

If you have an outdoor LED light loop of 7.4W with 240 lights, it costs an average of SEK 8.30 to have it lit for 12 hours per day throughout December, i.e. for 31 days.

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