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That’s how good Apple’s new smartphone is – All the features of the iPhone 14 Pro

The iPhone 14 Pro is now a few months old, and the functions of the mobile phone are starting to fall into place. While critics show appreciation for Apple’s upgrades, some question whether all of them are really necessary.

Apple continues to keep a high pace in its iPhone releases. The company’s formula is one new smartphone per year, and the uproar tends to be big each time. Last fall, there were no exceptions, when the iPhone 14 was presented and launched.

The release had, as is customary, been preceded by long and many speculations about what the new mobile phone would look like and what functions it would have. During the traditional event where Apple presents its new smartphone, along with other products such as the Apple Watch and Mac, the answers finally came.

The list of the new features and changes in the design could be made long, especially when it comes to the iPhone 14 Pro. But when the phone was released a little over a week later, all the functions were not yet in place. Now, after just over three months on the market, Apple has finally made all the new functions available in the phone.

Several new features in the iPhone 14 series

The iPhone 14 Pro is one of two premium models in the mobile phone’s new series. The iPhone 14 Pro Max takes it a whole step further, while the Plus and standard models are there for those who don’t demand as much from their phone experience.

However, all models are of very high quality, for example they all have support for Qi charger for iPhone and has several other innovative functions. After all, the Pro model along with the Pro Max are the most advanced models.

The iPhone 14 Pro may be very similar to its predecessor on the outside, but the inside boasts a speedy A16 Bionic chip and much more. When the experts test the mobile phone, the opinions are mostly positive, but some question marks remain after all. Below we go through the new features and how they work.

New camera technology for high-resolution images

Gone are the days when a mobile phone was for making calls. Now, instead, we expect to be able to do most things with our smartphone, not least of which is that it should function as a camera. Apple has of course noted the great interest in photography and updated the camera on the iPhone 14 Pro.

The big news regarding the camera is that it has a 48 megapixel sensor – the highest ever for an iPhone. However, it is still not at the same level as competitors Samsung and Google, which have mobile phones with 108 and 50 megapixel cameras, respectively.

The appearance of the camera itself has not received a major update compared to the iPhone 13 Pro. There are still three lenses on the back, and they are the same size as on the predecessor. The trend in the mobile phone market is towards even larger lenses, something that many expect to come to the next iPhone model.

The camera on the iPhone 14 is high quality, and it’s an improvement over the previous model, albeit not a giant one. In addition, it is possible to set the camera in “raw mode”. In this way, you can adjust the image processing on your own. However, this requires some prior knowledge, and most people will probably use the mobile’s own image processing.

“Dynamic Island” – a small but lively change

Another update to the iPhone 14 Pro concerns the so-called “Dynamic Island”. This is Apple’s name for the small “island” at the top of the screen where the front camera is located. The update is primarily a cosmetic one, but also contributes some functionality. Unlike the previous solution, this is a, as the name reveals, dynamic island. This means that the user can be notified of various events here.

The fact that this small update has become so talked about is something many critics question. Including Henrik Ek, who tested the phone on behalf of Dagens industri. Some “opponents”, users of other smartphone models, have even scoffed at the whole thing. However, the function seems to be appreciated by those who prefer Apple products, but perhaps the dynamic island has received a little too much attention in relation to what it contributes.

Satellite communication for emergency calls

One of the features that was announced during the presentation of the 14 series, but made available only after the fact, is the satellite communication. US users have been able to use features since November, while it has only been available for a few weeks in parts of Europe. Sweden is not one of the countries where the service has been made available yet.

The function means that users can make emergency calls in times when coverage is not available, for example out at sea or lake, or deep in the forest. This is because the mobile phone changes its appearance to a satellite phone. When this mode is entered, the user can write text messages to staff trained by Apple, who in turn contact the emergency services they deem appropriate.

In addition to this, but on the same theme, the iPhone 14 Pro also has the “crash detection” function. The function can identify car accidents, and if a serious accident occurs, the mobile phone can independently initiate an emergency call and provide the emergency services with the coordinates of the accident site.

The satellite communication is said to be free for two years. Next, it is not inconceivable that users will need to pay for the feature, as satellite connectivity as well as training and providing staff can be assumed to be costly investments by Apple.

Impressive features – but are they necessary?

Satellite communication, updated camera technology and the small dynamic island. The functions of the iPhone 14 Pro are clearly welcome and work well. But when more features are added, the price tends to increase – and that was the case here as well. At launch, a 14 Pro cost from SEK 14,995. This to compare with the launch price from 12,295 for 13 Pro.

Critics also say that many of the new functions may not have been necessary to add. In particular, they point to satellite communication and “crash detection” – two functions that are said to be used very rarely, if ever. This has even led reviewers to suggest that the mobile phone industry should be inspired by car sales, where you get to choose whether you want to include extras or not.

Even if you don’t have use for some of the functions in everyday life, the iPhone 14 Pro and its functions have received a lot of praise. In fact, it is currently considered one of the best mobile phones on the market, which is saying nothing in today’s big competition.

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