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That’s how easy it is to get benefits on the flight

Are you going to fly soon? Then you should continue reading – here a flight attendant reveals what you can do to get lots of different benefits during the flight!

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If you’re not a shy violet, there are quite a few perks you can get during your flight, just ask! Here, an anonymous flight attendant with ten years of experience in the industry talks about various benefits that you can get on board, according to The Sun.

1. Yes, you can see the driver’s cabin

What is required to be allowed to look into the driver’s cabin? The answer is that you usually just have to ask – even if you don’t have your child with you.

“We know that many people who ask to see the driver’s cab with their children are just using the children as an excuse to get a look for themselves. It’s okay,” says the flight attendant.

She adds that it’s up to the pilot whether they choose to show the cockpit or not, but generally they say yes. However, keep in mind that this is something that, for safety reasons, can only be done when the plane is on solid ground:

“But it also means you can get your picture taken in the pilot’s seat and some even let you try on their hat. So there are some advantages to doing it before the flight takes off.”

2. Tell me if it’s your birthday

Are you flying on your birthday? Tell the cabin crew and you could be in for a surprise!

“Even if we can’t light a candle on board, we’re no worse than if a few people from the staff can sing ‘Ha den äran’,” says the flight attendant. “It’s not exactly the TGI Fridays experience with a big slice of cake, but we’ll do what we can with what’s on board, all you have to do is tell us and we’ll fix what we can.”

3. … or if you are on your honeymoon

The above also applies if you are on your honeymoon or similar.

“It’s up to us, but we can give you an upgrade or free stuff – again, just let us know. It’s best to say so when you check in, because the staff there are responsible for seating. If they know you are traveling for a specific reason, they are the best equipped to give you an upgrade if there is room in first class.”

However, the flight attendant points out that it never hurts to tell the cabin crew about your special trip, “in case they feel more generous than others.”

She also believes that, in addition to an upgrade, the staff can offer champagne or something else that makes the trip feel more glamorous. The reason?

“That kind of gesture often ends up on social media, so it’s positive for the airline because it makes us look good.”

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