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Thalía is criticized for a photo in which she supposedly looks unrecognizable and they even tell her that she looks like a man

Thalia is giving people something to talk about on social networks after publishing a photograph, but this time, the Mexican artist he again received strong criticism for the appearance of his face who according to some looks completely unrecognizable.

The protagonist of soap operas such as ‘María la del Barrio’ and ‘Marimar’ constantly uses her social networks to share with millions of fans her facet as a businesswoman, artist and mother, but unfortunately she does not always receive compliments, because on some occasions she has received comments Negatives that mainly have to do with his physical appearance.

This is how in one of his most recent Instagram posts, the controversy surrounding the alleged surgeries that have been performed on his face awoke again. And it is that in the image that she shared last weekend she appeared wearing a face that for many was completely unrecognizable.

In the image, Thalía showed only her face, neck and shoulders while giving a warm smile to the camera and revealing the jewels that she was promoting on this occasion and that made her feel like a Disney princess, as she confessed in the text with the one who described the post.

Christmas glitter! And yes they are diamonds from my dear @jacobandco @jacobarabo even better thanks for lending them to me for one night Jacob, like cinderella!” Wrote the 51-year-old interpreter.

However, this time the soap opera star not only exceeded 100,000 heart-shaped reactions and received compliments from his true fans, but some detractors reappeared to ensure that he looks completely unrecognizable due to the abuse of cosmetic surgeries, while that some more pointed out that it looks like a man.

“Sorry but I thought it was a man until I saw the image well”, “I don’t know. There is something I don’t like”, “Definitely your face changedI don’t understand why so much obsession with wanting to look 20 years old”, “He looks like a transvestite”, “A little more and it will happen to him like Lucia Méndez with surgeries”, “He looks like Thalia’s trans imitator”, “It looks like swollen face and a lot of filter”, “What happened to you? Do not abuse”, “They no longer know what to do to stay young”, reads the comments section.

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