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Thai massages for body and mind: have you tried it?

Try Thai massages and you won’t regret it. Discover all the benefits you can reap from these treatments and therapies.

We’ve all heard of the famous thai massages, even though we’ve never experienced any. Known for their relaxing and therapeutic effects, these treatments can be divided into three main groups: complete therapies, beauty therapies and localized therapies.

Thus, Thai massages are subdivided into numerous techniques that it is important to know in order to understand their differences and which therapies are most suitable for you and your body.

Discover the various Thai massages available

complete therapies

Massage Mix

This is a therapy based on hot oilsresorting to some typical movements of Thai massages, which provide a more complete and relaxing therapy, able to help in the alignment of the posture.

thai massage

Certainly one of the most popular Thai massage techniques, as it is also considered the most vigorous. It is an ancient therapy, used in Thailand as a preventive medicine. This massage combines various combinations of stretching with acupressure, providing relief from stress and accumulated tension and a pleasant sensation of balance and well-being.

herbal massage

This is a massage made from special herbs with natural healing, energizing and decongesting properties. These herbs are applied after being heated by steam. This therapy is ideal for localized pain, as it provides a sense of relief and comfort.

Oil Massage

This type of massage has hot oils as its main base. It is a therapy that combines various massage techniques, using hot oils as its fundamental tool.

beauty therapies

Facial Massage

For those looking for a deep and relaxing skin cleansing, you can always try this facial massage that guarantees the elimination of impurities from the face, through a very pleasant exfoliating action.

lotus massage

In addition to a massage, this is a true aesthetic therapy capable of stimulating circulation, improving body shape and reducing cellulite. This, through the application of specific creams.

Exfoliating Massage

To remove dead cells from the outer layer of skindo a massage exfoliating it is a must that ensures smooth, healthy and glowing skin. Capable of restoring smoothness to your skin, this is a highly recommended skin treatment.

Localized therapies

Foot Massage/Reflexology

Reflexology consists of exerting different pressures on various points present in the feet, which are connected to all parts of the body. Therefore, this therapy is able to reduce stress, restore balance of body and mind, and provoke a total feeling of relaxation. It is, in fact, suggested that the remaining massages always start with a reflexology session, as the body is more receptive to other types of treatments.

Trunk Massage

To prevent and/or alleviate stiffness and Accumulated tension in the cervical spineon the neck and trapezius muscles, there is nothing like this torso massage, capable of putting an end to the pain caused by poor posture or the stress of everyday life.

Head Massage

For those looking for relief from stress and tension in the shoulders and head, there is nothing like taking advantage of a head massage and enjoying a unique calming and energizing sensation.

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