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Testimony and opinion about the Apollo Method

1. Have you been overweight for a long time?

I had been on very strict diets for as long as I can remember, periodically gaining and losing weight. But there came a point a few years ago where I was not able to lose weight, that discouraged me and it was impossible for me to control my diet. It became a vicious cycle, I didn’t lose weight, I ate more and that made me put on more weight. It was at least 5 years in which I could not diet and felt that nothing I did was useful.

2. How did you decide to end the problem?

I felt like I had hit rock bottom. It was no longer just a matter of physical health, which was touching dangerous limits in some aspects, but it affected me a lot on an emotional level. I didn’t want to go out, I didn’t want to get dressed, even going to work was a huge effort every morning. He hated me in the photos and that was even affecting my relationship as a couple.

3. Had you previously resorted to another type of treatment to lose weight?

In addition to the countless diets of all kinds that I have done, I have spent a lot of money on medicines that supposedly helped me, and maybe they served me for a month, or two, but then I always came back.

4. In the event that you want to name the adjuvant technique, how did you discover the technique? Did you know anyone else who had used this technique?

I didn’t know the technique. He was investigating with the idea of ​​doing anything that was definitive. I had reached a point where I would do anything for a chance to recover. After much research on the internet, I came across the Apollo Method and, after talking to doctors, I was convinced that it was the best. I didn’t know anyone, I didn’t know the clinic and, to be honest, the comments on the internet didn’t make anything clear either. It is also true that people expect miracles without making the slightest effort.

5. How was the intervention?

The truth is that it was a seen and not seen. It is true that a few days after the intervention she was a little down, she had no strength and the postoperative diet did not give her much energy. But removing the physical decline, no discomfort, no hunger, which was what surprised me the most.

6. And from there, how was the whole process?

Incredible. I looked better and better and that encouraged me to keep fighting. I was getting better and better with my exercise, and my relationship with food was slowly healing. I never thought that I could eat everything, without remorse and without feeling that I had spoiled everything. Sometimes I feel like it hasn’t happened yet and I look in the mirror and weigh myself to convince myself, I never thought I’d get where I’ve gotten.

7. Are you satisfied with the results? how many kilos have you lost?

I’m like in a dream. I have far exceeded the goal I had set for myself when I started. I have lost, in round numbers, 43 kilos, although I know that I have lost more fat and put on more muscle mass. What I have lost is a lot of volume, and with the exercise I feel stronger and I like myself a little more. I’m still a little confused with clothes, because I’m not used to buying something and immediately liking how it looks on me. I still eat almost everything (and with it I almost only exclude junk and ultra-processed food), and I’m still losing a little weight, although more slowly as is logical.

8. In addition to weight loss, what other changes has the treatment brought about in your general state of health/quality of life?

Uff, as I have always told you, what I am most grateful for having met you is the change of mentality. Not only have I lost weight, I have learned to prioritize my health, and that means exercising, over other things. My relationship with food is healthy, I have learned a lot about nutrition, and the most important thing is that what I do now works. It’s like I’ve been fooled my whole life and now I finally know how to do it. I no longer feel like I’m on a diet, I eat everything, and if one day there is an event that takes me out of my routine, I live it normally, knowing that it will not mean a step backwards in my new life. I am healthier physically and mentally.

9. In short, what is the overall assessment of the treatment?

The only thing I can say is that I wish I had known you much sooner. And that, if at any time it seems that I am deviating, I will not hesitate to contact you again. But right now I feel that everything is in order, that I finally have the tools to not deviate from the healthy path that I started. Thank you, thank you, and thank you.

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