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Test websites in various versions of Internet Explorer

Webmasters dislike Microsoft’s Internet Explorer due to its inability to comply with web standards and changes in various versions that make it extremely difficult to code a website that looks the same in all versions of Internet Explorer.

Testing websites across multiple versions was not so easy in the past because only one version of Internet Explorer can be installed on an operating system at a time. Running virtual machines or using multiple PCs is the only option for testing a website on multiple versions of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser.

Some web services today such as Browsershots offer the means to test a website using different versions of web browsers so that designers and coders can focus on that, and don’t need to worry about the added burden of running different versions of web browsers on their systems too.

This may be a thing of the past with the release of IE Tester, a standalone application that provides access to the Internet Explorer 8 beta 1, Internet Explorer 7, Internet Explorer 6, and Internet Explorer 5.5 rendering and JavaScript engines.

To updateNote: The latest version of IETester supports all versions of Internet Explorer, from Internet Explorer 5.5 to Internet Explorer 10. Internet Explorer 11 is likely to be added to the mix, for supported operating systems, in future updates.

A basic tab-based browser interface is provided that can display a website using each version of Internet Explorer per tab. It comes with some extra controls like back and forward buttons and access to Internet Options.

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By far the most interesting feature is the ability to display tabs side by side so you can compare them on the same screen without having to switch between tabs. The software is an early alpha release with various issues like Java instances not working or Flash not working in IE6. It still works pretty well for most websites that don’t use advanced scripts.

To updateNote: The IE Tester program has been updated to include recent versions of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. It now supports Internet Explorer 8 and IE9, and also Windows 8 Internet Explorer 10. The reason it’s limited is that IE10 is currently only available on Windows 8. This may change in the future when the browser is also released for Windows 8. windows 7

The program can be very useful for testing your website or service against different versions of Internet Explorer.

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