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Tempered Glass Windows Price

Just as there are trends in fashion for clothing, there are also trends in materials most used in construction. And just like fashion, these trends in the construction field always undergo changes that vary from time to time. We always see new projects being built with a more modern look, using materials that make a difference both visually and in terms of safety. A fad in the construction area that is gaining ground are the Tempered Glass Windows who are taking over the houses.

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Tempered Glass Windows Price

What fits into the “visual+safety” relationship are the tempered glass windows, which are currently widely used in windows, giving more beauty and reliability to the final result. In the past it was not like that. There were wooden windows, which fell into disuse and were replaced by small iron windows, which remained in the construction business for a long time. Then came natural aluminum windows, and then painted aluminum, until we reached the tempered glass windows we know today.

Basically, tempered glass is ordinary glass that passes through a heat treatment called tempering, or using other chemical products to increase its durability and impact resistance. In this way, tempered glass is more rigid and also has great thermal resistance, being recommended for windows and doors that have direct contact with the sun and rain, and another exclusive characteristic of tempered glass is that it shatters into small fragments when it receives a strong blow and it is damaged.

During the production process of tempered glass, it is heated in a controlled manner at temperatures that can reach up to 600ºC, and it is also cooled in a controlled manner, thus altering its resistance characteristics🇧🇷

Due to this detail shatter into tiny fragments, tempered glass is used in public places to increase people’s safety, and has proven to be very useful in this regard. All automobiles today have tempered glass in their windows, as well as some kitchen utensils, plates and glasses.

But going back to talking about construction, we already know that the tempered glass has many advantages, not to mention that your look is more beautiful and attractive. On the internet we can find some companies specialized in the sale of tempered glass for windows, such as Glasscom, which works on projects for the application of tempered glass windows in houses and buildings. To request a quote for the company, simply access the website at www.vidrosparasacadas.com.br or call (11) 2361-2111 or (11) 2712-1100.

We can also find ready-made doors and windows with tempered glass that can be purchased, for example, at Mercado Livre. The problem with buying ready-made windows is that their size may not match what you are looking for and need for your home, so be very careful. But the tempered glass windows prices can be interesting, costing from R$ 250 according to the size offered.

Tempered Glass Stores – Where to Buy

The most suitable for those looking buy tempered glass window, is to look for a company that makes a budget according to your needs, so that there is no risk of buying a product that does not fit your project. In Mercado Livre itself, there are some authorized companies of brands known as Blindex, as is the case of this one that operates in several states of Brazil. To get in touch and request a quote, Click here🇧🇷 Good luck with your projects and remember that tempered glass guarantees more quality and safety for your family.

Below is a selection of sites that sell tempered glass🇧🇷

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