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Telia heats properties in Haninge with heat from the data hall

Telia invests in a new energy project in Haninge where the company heats properties with heat from a local data hall.

According to a press release, Telia and Samhällsbyggnadsbolaget i Norden, SBB, have entered into an agreement for the exchange of heating and cooling in SBB’s properties in Haninge municipality, south of Stockholm. Among the properties that will be heated with excess heat from Telia’s local data hall are, among others, Haninge municipal building, Söderbymalmsskolan, the Terrassen retirement home and several office properties.

Large data center since the 80s

Telia has had extensive data center operations in Haninge since the 1980s. Operations have repeatedly been made more efficient where, among other things, energy use halved through self-developed cooling technology. To make use of the operation’s excess heat in an environmentally friendly way, Telia and SBB have jointly initiated a new local energy project.

– We are very happy that we have reached the finish line with this energy project. From a sustainability perspective, it is important that we can use the surplus energy produced in our data hall to heat several properties in Haninge municipality, including a school and a home for the elderly. In this way, we reduce the total environmental and energy footprint, which is in line with Telia’s overall climate and environmental goals, says Staffan Åkesson, technical director Telia Sweden.

Should reduce the total electricity grid load in Haninge

The energy project was put into operation in mid-July, where SBB built a borehole storage with 166 holes that were built on one of SBB’s properties to dispose of the excess heat produced by Telia’s adjacent data hall. At the same time as Telia’s data hall produces waste heat for SBB’s properties, the data hall will be able to be cooled by the same borehole layer. The energy project means that roughly 100,000 square meters of property space will become self-sufficient in heat, which corresponds to a saving of approximately 5,600 MWh per year.

The new energy plant will reduce the total electricity grid load in Haninge’s central parts, freeing up electricity grid capacity needed in case of densification of the urban area and increased demand for charging facilities for electric cars.

– We are very proud that our collaboration with Telia has made this energy-saving measure in Haninge municipality possible. The investment is completely in line with our vision that we should be climate positive by the year 2030, says Alexander Hedin, regional manager Stockholm, Samhällsbyggnadsbolaget i Norden AB.

Telia is working on many new ventures, and this one in Haninge is not the only one. Recently, Telia became the first company in Europe with the new Microsoft Teams Phone Mobile.

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