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Televisa host talks about the spontaneous abortion she suffered: “God has the answer”

Televisa is undoubtedly going through a tough crisis because its hosts are experiencing difficult times, as is the case with Mariana Echeverriawho has not only been a member of “Me Caigo de Risa”, but also of the same “Today” programwhich is facing difficult times with the multiple separations that occurred from its presenters.

On this occasion, Mariana, who is also the wife of the Liga MX America player, Óscar Jiménez, she opened her heart to talk about the miscarriage she suffered just a few weeks ago, when she and her husband were anxious to have their second baby.

During a talk with the “Hoy” program, Mariana could not avoid this painful moment, which she assures was a severe emotional blow for her and her entire family.

“They are very strong things, because there are women who do not want to get pregnant and have babies and there are some who want to and cannot, so it is a very complicated process, I think that only the one from there, God, has the answer to when he sends you things , at what time, to whom and why”


At another point in this interview, Echeverría stressed that she and her husband have discussed the possibility of adopting a small baby, in order to give a little brother to his son Lucca. And he reveals if this decision is really a possibility.

“I am of the idea and I told my husband that if we cannot have another baby, I would like to adopt, I think I would adopt, I would like my son to be accompanied, to have brothers, I grew up with brothers, Oscar ( Jiménez) grew up with brothers, so I would like to. I know that the process is very complicated, but if God does not send me another child, I would adopt ”

And finally, the former host of “Hoy” confessed that these moments have been very difficult for her family, but sooner or later they will be able to overcome it.

“I didn’t know how I assimilated it, but I think, coming to the subject of women, we are very strong, God sends us strength from I don’t know where, the first day was horrible, I was crying and wondering why, what did I do? Maybe because I was working a lot and then you start to wonder why you and then you say well, it’s something that happens, it’s a body, creating a life here is not so easy “

Mariana Echeverría pointed out, who announced that, for now, she intends to let some time pass before trying to become a mother again, in addition to confessing that she wants to put her career on hold just to focus on her family.

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