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Teen party theme ideas

It’s not just children who celebrate their birthday with a themed party🇧🇷 Teenagers are showing more and more interest in organizing a get-together in this style, which tends to be fun and creative.

Birthday cake for a girl who likes fashion and beauty. (Photo: Disclosure)

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Celebrating a teenager’s birthday

THE teenager’s birthday party it doesn’t have as many toys and play elements as a children’s event. It aims to bring friends together to fraternize, to the sound of a repertoire chosen by the birthday person. Drinks and delicious snacks are also important.

Some factors need to be taken into account to organize a teen themed party🇧🇷 Firstly, it is necessary to define the theme, which must value the birthday boy preferences🇧🇷

With the chosen theme, it is up to the organizer to think about the invitations, the place, the animation, the menu and the souvenirs. Everything must be planned taking into account the age group of the guests.

Teen birthday party themes

Check out ideas from teen party themes🇧🇷

A day of fashion and beauty: the birthday girl who chooses this theme can gather her friends to enjoy a day of grooming. Once produced, the girls participate in a photo shoot.

Cinema is also an inspiration for the teen themed party. (Photo: Disclosure)

Movie theater: if the birthday boy loves movies, this theme is perfect for his party. The idea is to assemble a decoration with posters of big names in cinema and other elements that make reference to the film industry.

Las Vegas: the North American city serves as an inspiration for many parties aimed at the teen audience. The decor and attractions are based on casinos, so they use colorful dice, playing cards and chips.

Victoria’s Secret: underwear brand colors can serve as inspiration for decorating a girl’s party. The shades of pink make the environment sophisticated and feminine.

Football: if the girl or boy is a football fanatic, then the birthday party can incorporate this theme. The club’s colors, symbols and mascots will be addressed by the decor.

Hawaii: perfect theme for birthdays who love the beach vibe. The decor is marked by floral prints, tents, coconut trees and tropical fruits.

New York City inspired birthday party. (Photo: Disclosure)

New York: the city is an inspiring theme to put together a modern, urban and relaxed birthday party. Famous stores like the Big Apple and Broadway musicals can appear in the decor.

Grammy: if the birthday boy loves music, then his party could be Grammy-themed. The award does not dispense with the red carpet and a lot of glamour.

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