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Techniques for aging furniture

Aged furniture adds a special charm to the decoration, making the environment more charming and beautiful. They value the aesthetics of the imperfect to transform the look of the space, harmonizing with different styles, especially rustic and retro. They exist Techniques for aging furniture so you can get the best out of it and take advantage of it in your decor.

What this article covers:

Techniques for aging furniture

Both new and used pieces can acquire an aged look, making them exclusive and original. Among the most used techniques to leave the furniture with a worn lookit is worth mentioning the cracked finish, the use of aging varnish and the patina, all capable of creating the imperfect aesthetic.


The patina allows you to modify the appearance of a piece of furniture, leaving it worn out.

The patina is a aging technique Used to modify the appearance of wooden, MDF and even Formica furniture. Depending on the piece worked, it can acquire an aged romantic effect, typical of the Provencal style.

Check out the step-by-step below apply the patina and reinvent a piece of furniture in your home.

1. Sand the piece to remove the old finish;

two. Then paint the wood with orange paint, dissolved in fluidizer drops. After covering the entire piece with paint, wait for it to dry for approximately 15 minutes;

3. Rub a candle all over the furniture and then remove excess wax with a paper napkin;

4. In a container, mix turquoise blue paint with a little more fluidizer. Once this is done, pass a coat on the furniture and wait for it to dry;

5. Sand the piece in the direction of the wood to create the worn effect and, finally, apply decoupage glue;

6. To create another type of effect in the painting of the furniture, just change the colors.

cracked finish

The cracked effect allows you to create an aged piece.

the effect too ages the appearance of the furniture, benefiting you with a touch of charm and personality. The crackled painting can be done on wood, but for a beautiful result, it is important to follow the step by step. Check out:

1. Paint the piece with white acrylic paint, then wait for it to dry. The layer is important to form the background of the crackle effect;

two. Then it is necessary to sand and apply another coat of paint in the color you prefer;

3. Then start using the special kit for this purpose, applying a layer of base varnish and waiting for it to dry. Then apply the crackle paint;

4. After drying, the piece finally takes on a brittle appearance.

aging varnish

Finished with aging varnish.

Product suitable for aging furniture, considered easy to apply and with excellent results. Follow the method:

1. Sand the wood and remove the old finish until the surface is smooth and dull;

two. Apply a coat of nail polish and wait for it to dry completely;

3. Choose an aging varnish color capable of leaving the effect as natural as possible and apply it on the furniture;

4. When the varnish becomes dull, remove it with a soft cloth to create the effect.

Take advantage of the tips on furniture aging techniques to transform the decoration of environments.

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