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Tech companies in Porto grow

Technology companies in Porto grow and, consequently, the creation of jobs also increases. Know everything.

In the first half of this year, the technology companies in Porto create more than 2,000 jobs. This is excellent news for all professionals who fit in the area and who live in Invicta.

According to data from the City Council made available to the Lusa agency, at least 35 companies created or will create 2,122 jobs in the area of ​​Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in Porto during the first half of the year.

These are companies with investment projects in the city of Porto, whether they have already been implemented or are still in progress. what corresponds to 2,122 new jobs.

It should also be noted that these data only cover projects monitored by InvestPorto or projects that have been publicly announced. Which means that there is a whole universe of companies installed in the city that are not reflected here.

If one asks about previous years, according to data from the National Institute of Statistics (INE) provided to Lusa by the Porto municipality, at the end of 2020 there were “1,282 establishments and 12,743 jobs in the areas of ICT”.

Growth of technology companies in Porto

It is not new that in the city of Porto new companies in the technological sector have been established. Perhaps because it meets all the necessary conditions for businesses in this area to be successful and largely due to the InvestPorto structure.

To get a sense of the growth of technology companies in Portoknow that between 2017 and 2020 there was an increase in +19% in net creation of new establishments (205) and +52% in terms of job creation (4,335 jobs were registered in this domain).

An official source led by Rui Moreira, also said that in the 3 years mentioned, “ICTs were the sector that created the most jobs in Porto, representing 8% of the staff at the service of companies in the municipality”.

As for last year and until the first 6 months of this year, around 4,244 new jobs were created through the 48 companies with investment projects in the city of Porto.

Thus, it is possible to say that the “number of new jobs created in the last year and a half already exceeds the result accumulated in the previous 3 years”, as the municipality refers.

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Some examples of technology companies that have established themselves or will do so in the city of Porto

The Swiss company Zühlke, opened the third engineering center in Porto. 35 employees work there and by the end of the year the goal is to double the team.

Specialized in the development of technological solutions for sectors such as health, telecommunications, consumption, banking or insurance. The company decided to invest in Porto to install its third technology centre.

This is largely due to the fact that the city offers specialized talent and an enormous spirit of innovation, combined with quality of life.

By the end of this year, the objective is to double the number of employees, and this is just one of the expansion phases planned so far. To this end, an investment of 1.5 million is planned over the next 5 years, in attracting and retaining engineers.

The technology company ITSector is dedicated to the development of software for the financial sector. Currently looking for solution architects, programmers full stack in technologies, functional analysts and testers.

In total, there are 150 vacancies by the end of the year, distributed across the company’s 6 centers in the country and applications are now open.

Among the benefits is work flexibility, the possibility of training, team buildings, happy hours, partnerships and protocols with various entities. Technological growth has also allowed for the hiring of curricular trainees, which has been increasing.

Avenga is yet another technology company that has announced the opening of an office in Porto, where it hopes to create at least 50 jobs by the end of the year.

The main objective of these facilities is to help the digital transformation technology group to gradually satisfy the growing demand, mainly from its customers in Europe and North America.

In a statement, the director general of Avenga says that “given that we are planning to grow significantly in the Porto metropolitan area in order to scale our offer in the global market even faster, we seek to work closely with the city’s universities”.

The Portuguese company Boost It, a technology company owned by the holding company Nexus Capital, will install a “nearshore center” in Porto, that is, a place from which companies carry out certain areas of activity.

Furthermore, by the end of the year the company intends to build a team of 5 dozen people with the objective of “supporting national clients in the central and northern regions of the country and responding to international projects”.

The business director of new valencia, Tiago Soares, also underlines that “the strategic decision to invest in Porto is crucial for the levels of quality and efficiency that technology guarantees, and for the type of close partnership that insists on keep with customers”.

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