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Tatiana confesses that her career resurfaced thanks to one of her greatest imitators | VIDEO

The famous “Queen of children”, TatianaIn addition to being a great singer, she has become one of the darling hosts of Hispanic television.

Well, she became one of the presenters of one of the most important reality shows and that has become one of the favorites of viewers in our country, we are talking about Masterchef.

Tatiana was very active, she gave a series of interviews where she opened her heart completely and recalled some of the most difficult moments of his life, how that time when he was broke and to go back to work he had to borrow a wardrobe from one of his impersonators.

It was in 2001 when Tatiana decided to contact one of her impersonators to lend her a wardrobe so she could perform one of her Telethon presentations.

Although it sounds implausible, the so-called “Queen of children” would have lost everything after her separation from the father of her children Andrés Puentes, which became a media issue since it caused a lot of controversy.

And it is that whoever was Tatiana’s husband would have stripped the singer of everything because through manipulation and psychological abuse he tried to get the Monterrey woman to return to him.

However, an invitation to be part of the cast of the Telethon celebration would have put Tatiana back in the ring.

Although he was very excited to return to the stage, he had a small problem, he had lost everything including his wardrobe that May 30 when he decided to jump over the fence of that mansion where he lived with Andrés Puentes.

Although it was great news, “La Reina de los niños” upon hearing the proposal, burst into tears because she realized that she did not have a wardrobe to record the commercials for this project.

“Then my mother tells me, ‘Mijita, what do you think? Luis Mario spoke for the Teletón…’ and I burst out crying, I’m still fat from birth, I don’t have a wardrobe, I don’t have boots, what am I going to wear?”


It was then that, to Tatiana’s mother, who never left her daughter alone in this difficult process, He came up with a great idea so that the singer and actress could fulfill her commitment to the Telethon and with her thousands of fans who were waiting to see her..

“And my mom comes up with the great idea that she should talk to one of my impersonators and she tells me talk to one of her impersonators and ask her for the wardrobe”

Given this, “The Queen of children”, took the yellow section and began to contact her imitators and it was Tatiginawho helped the singer by lending her her wardrobe, and as a curious fact, the Monterrey woman said that she and her imitator wore the same number, so she also lent her shoes.

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