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Tareq Taylor and Sofia Ståhl share the happiness of love on Instagram

Tareq Taylor often shares his professional life online, but he likes to keep his private life private. These days, however, he made an exception and showed off his love affair with Sofia Ståhl on Instagram.

Photo: Instagram @tareqtaylor/@sofiastahl

In March 2022, TV chef Tareq Taylor confirmed that he and Sofia “PT-Fia” Ståhl were a couple, something that had been rumored for a long time.

The couple first got to know each other in 2019 when they hosted the program “Lykcomaten” together. They reconnected during the pandemic when Taylor discovered an interest in health while doing online lectures.

The fact that Taylor and Ståhl are in a relationship today has not diminished their desire to work together: this fall, the couple is going on a tour with the lecture Leave the dishes and make out instead. The lecture is described as “highly personal” and is said to offer “concrete tools to experience increased well-being”.

Went on a skiing holiday together

Taylor and Ståhl’s various commitments have a given place on their social media accounts, but the couple’s private life is something that gets less space.

Therefore, there were certainly many who reacted positively to finally getting an insight into how the happy couple are also in private, something that the couple shared on Instagram in recent days. In pictures from a ski resort in Romme, the couple can be seen enjoying the radiant sun and white slopes.

“Romme delivers”, it says on one of the pictures showing a snow-covered landscape – and another picture shows the couple cozying up together in the winter sun.

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