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Take care of your skin this autumn – take advantage of beauty blogger Susanne Barnekow’s best tips

Fall is here and it’s only getting colder and colder, which means your skin will be exposed to completely different weather conditions compared to the summer heat wave. Metro Mode’s former beauty blogger Susanne Barnekow advises on effective measures that prepare and take care of your skin in the best way during autumn.

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Below are some of her tips on how to easily equip your beauty wardrobe.

The first tip she writes about is that you should take a look in your bathroom cabinet and see if you have any old products that need to be cleared out. Then take care to clean brushes and the like to avoid the risk of bacteria being transferred to your skin.

Susanne’s next tip is about seizing the opportunity and treating yourself.

– If there is ever a time when it is time to treat yourself to a salon treatment, it is during the autumn and winter months. Often the skin may have sun damage after the summer and needs to be looked over by someone who is really knowledgeable.

She continues and writes about the third tip: The importance of having vitamin C in your skin care routine.

– If the antioxidant vitamin C is not already part of your skin care routine, it may be time to add it now. It works by increasing the amount of collagen, giving the skin extra moisture and protecting against environmental pollution, writes Susanne.

The result of using vitamin C in your skin care routine, she describes, is skin with a lot of luster and elasticity. Who doesn’t want a complexion that glows in the autumn darkness?

Moisture, moisture, moisture

– It is easy for the skin to lose moisture and become dry when it gets colder outside. Make sure to add proper moisture, perhaps through a serum and a face mist you use during the day. But also by making moisturizing face masks a few times a week. When it’s really cold outside and the thermometer has dropped below zero, however, you should avoid using products that contain water when you’re outdoors, instead choose a water-free cream and/or an oil and moisture boost when you’re indoors and at night.


– When the skin is dry and dead skin cells form on the skin surface, they can prevent skin care products from penetrating and doing their job in the skin. They therefore need to be removed at regular intervals! There are many different exfoliants that you can use, but feel free to use a gentle leave-on version that contains some type of acid. Maybe an AHA or BHA acid depending on your skin type. Avoid peels with grains in them as they can tear up the skin surface and cause inflammation.

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