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Table Lamp Models, Prices

Table Lamp Models, Prices – The table lamp is an accessory that for years has influenced decoration trends and innovated the look of environments. Anyone who bets on this item to customize spaces discovers how versatile it is, satisfying both in terms of aesthetics and functionality. The lamp manages to give a touch full of charm and beauty to the rooms and corresponds to an excellent option to decorate the house.

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Table Lamp Models, Prices

Compatible with the bedroom, the table lamp is an ideal product for students who need to do their readings at night or even for designers who need light light to carry out projects. The table lamp has the ability to introduce subtle lighting to the room, breaking with the darkness that exists in some environments.

Lighting is a topic that needs to be valued when planning home decor, especially when it takes on a functional character in bedrooms and bedrooms. The item proves to be a faithful ally for those who carry out night activities and cannot turn on the light completely in the environment. Those who have difficulty sleeping in pitch black can also bet on the effects of a lamp.

THE table lamp decoration it does not act in isolation, that is, it needs to combine with other elements so as not to break with the balance proposal. Colors and traits need to be in harmony, both in terms of furniture and other accessories. The lamp can take on a vintage or contemporary style, this will depend exclusively on the context.

In stores you can find several table lamp models, able to please all tastes with the flexibility of design. One of the versions that has been successful among consumers is the luminaire with a colored bubble, which manages to add soft lighting to environments without losing the joy of its finish. This lamp is available in several colors and creates magnificent effects when turned on.

Some table lamps adopt a more standard and restrained style, perfectly matching the office sense of the decor. These models are mostly used on desks next to notebooks and computers. The most sophisticated lamp models match the bedside table and rescue the nostalgia of the decor.

Table Lamp Models

Check it out below table lamp prices🇧🇷

Startec Round Black Plastic LED Table Lamp 2W Bivolt – BRL 146.90/each – LEROY MERLIN

LAMP TOUCH ME BILD WHITE 127V 29CM – BRL 119.90 in up to 3 installments of BRL 39.96 without interest – ETNA

Articulated Table Lamp 24 Leds Rechargeable Lampshade DPLED-5S LED – BRL 39.83 – WALMART

Quadratta Ratam Lampshade – from: 209.99 for: 159.99 up to 3x of 53.33 interest free on credit card – MOBLY

Table Lamp Viking B Red – Startec – R$ 32.90 3x of R$ 11.30 with interest – AMERICANAS

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