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TabJump Tabbed Browsing Extension [Google Chrome]

One great aspect of Google Chrome now supporting extensions is the fact that some developers produce extensions that haven’t been built for Firefox yet.

Most of the extensions obviously offer similar functionality to those provided to Firefox users, but those exclusives will eventually benefit Firefox users and will likely be migrated to Firefox eventually.

The TabJump tabbed browsing extension could be one of those extensions. TabJump adds a button to the Google Chrome address bar that will activate an overlay window.

The window displays a list of recently closed tabs, related tabs, and frequently used open tabs. Each item is listed with the website’s favicon and website title.

The recently closed tabs list can be useful for quickly reopening a page in a tab if the need arises. While you can do the same thing with Chrome history or shortcuts, it might not be as easy.

Related tabs are tabs that have been opened from another open tab. A left click on a list entry switches to the active tab or opens the page in a new tab.

The tabs can also be locked, which protects them from being accidentally closed by the user. The browser will display a pop-up that prevents direct closing of protected tabs, but gives you the option to close it anyway via the prompt.


TabJump is an interesting extension for the Google Chrome web browser. The extension displays eight items on its interface with no option to change that number.

That’s probably the biggest shortcoming developers should fix for better usability, especially for users who regularly open dozens of tabs at the same time.

To updateNote: If you are working with a lot of pages open in a web browser like Google Chrome, you may have noticed that it is sometimes quite difficult to navigate to the pages you want to access at the moment.

The main reason for this is that Google made the decision to squeeze an unlimited number of tabs into the visible tab bar space as Chrome does not offer scrolling.

The more tabs you open in Chrome, the less information you get in the tab bar to the point where you don’t get any at all.

TabJump is a Chrome extension that improves tabbed browsing by adding another one to the browser. Adds an icon to Chrome’s address field that displays related tabs, frequently used tabs, and closed tabs in an overlay on the screen.

tab jump chrome

  • Undo – Shows a list of tabs that have been recently closed. Option to restore individual tabs with one click.
  • Related – Shows tabs from the same site, tabs that originated from the current tab, and tabs from where the active site originated.
  • Skip – Lists frequently accessed tabs.

The undo list gives you better control over tab restoration, as it is now possible to select the tab you want to restore immediately.

The related list can be useful if your tab association is fragmented. This is, for example, the case if you have multiple pages of the same site open at different locations in the browser, for example at the top and bottom of the tab bar.

The jump list finally lists all the tabs you use most often, which can be useful for quickly going back to one of those tabs if they don’t show up directly in the tab bar.

Also, you can lock the tabs with the help of the extension to prevent them from being deleted.

Chrome users can download the TabJump extension from the official Chrome web store.

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