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symptoms you should know and watch out for

Anemia symptoms must be taken seriously. It is important that you know how to identify them, to prevent a more complicated situation.

You symptoms of anemia can often be ignored by most people, and there are three variants of the disease: that which is caused by blood loss, that which is due to the decrease in the production of red blood cells and that which is due to the increased destruction of red blood cells.

It is essential that you know what anemia really is and what the associated symptoms are, so that you can prevent an acute situation of this health condition.

Symptoms of anemia: explain the disease

Anemia is defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) as the condition in which the hemoglobin content in the blood is below what is normal, thus leading to a decrease in the oxygen transport capacity.

Red blood cells contain haemoglobin, which carries oxygen from the lungs to our entire body. What happens in the presence of anemia is that the red blood cells are no longer able to distribute oxygen to the body efficiently.

For this reason, various symptoms are caused in the person.

Most cases of people with anemia are due to a lack of iron and it is therefore very important that each of us understands that this nutrient plays a fundamental role in our body. That is, it must be absorbed in the diet and then used in the production of hemoglobin in red blood cells, thus allowing the transport of oxygen.

Eventual causes of anemia

  • Lack of iron (it is the most common);
  • Heredity;
  • Excessive physical activity;
  • Intestinal diseases;
  • Chronic diseases;
  • Other factors (such as pregnancy or even menstruation).

The 11 main symptoms of anemia

You symptoms of anemia can go completely unnoticed at an early stage, so it is essential that you know how to identify them. Anemia is often confused with fatigue.

Be attentive to your body and your health. Sometimes our body manifests itself in many different ways and it is extremely important to pay due attention to each of the signs.

For the avoidance of doubt, we have made a list of the main symptoms of anemia. Take note.

  1. Lack of appetite
  2. Irritability
  3. Lack of strength in the body
  4. Dizziness
  5. Depression
  6. sleep changes
  7. Pallor
  8. fast heart rate
  9. fainting
  10. low blood pressure
  11. brittle nails

In an initial period, it is most likely that the person will start to feel very tired and with a lack of appetite. What normally happens at this stage is that most people tend to relate these symptoms to tiredness at work and/or stress.

However, if it is not properly treated, the anemia will progress to a more advanced stage and the symptoms will consequently be accentuated.

If you feel that you may be suffering from anemia, you should consult your doctor for blood tests. This is the only way to confirm whether it is anemia or not.

What to do to fight anemia

man donating blood

After recognizing the main symptoms of anemia, you should go to the doctor so that he can confirm the diagnosis.

Some blood tests will probably be prescribed so that you can effectively ensure that it is anemia and not any other disease.

When anemia is confirmed, you must be prepared to combat it in the best possible way. For that reason, there are some behaviors and attitudes that you will have to modify.

A good way to fight anemia is to eat iron rich foods. When anemia is caused by a lack of this nutrient, it is essential that you eat a diet rich in iron. This is one of the easiest ways to fight anemia. However, in cases where it is in a more advanced state, there are other ways to treat it.

Taking iron supplements is also very common in people with anemia. Although these supplements do not taste good, focus on the fact that you are taking care of your health. A good way to avoid having an unpleasant taste in your mouth is to drink fruit juice right away or eat chocolate, for example.

It is essential that you maintain a balanced diet so you can fight anemia. In many cases, the fact that the person eats a healthy and balanced diet can even reverse the entire process that caused the anemia.

Doctor interpreting clinical analysis

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Less milk, more fruit

Another measure you can take is to restrict daily milk intake. It is recommended that you only drink between 300ml and 500ml per day, as milk makes it difficult to absorb iron. If you are one of those people who loves to drink milk throughout the day, try alternating between teas and natural juices. These can be an excellent alternative.

Beyond this, should increase the consumption of fruits rich in vitamin C. This vitamin not only facilitates the absorption of iron in the body, but also helps in the treatment and prevention of anemia.

The intake of vegetables is also a very important measure to combat anemia. By making a diet rich in broccoli, spinach or pumpkin, you are automatically increasing the levels of iron in your blood. Of course, you should always accompany this type of vegetable with red meat or fish, so that you can boost your iron intake even more and thus fight anemia.

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