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Sylvia Pasquel reacts to Lucía Méndez’s warning about a possible lawsuit: “I don’t care”

Sylvia Pasquel reacts to Lucía Méndez’s warning.

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After it was revealed that Lucía Méndez is willing to initiate legal action against Laura Zapata and Sylvia Pasquel Due to the recent criticisms they made about his person and career, the sister of Alejandra Guzman He shared his opinion, letting it be seen that he doesn’t care.

The Mexican actress and singer attended the play “Lagunilla Mi Barrio” in the company of her mother, Silvia Pinaland there she was questioned about the recent warning that Lucía Méndez launched on social networks, assuring that she was prepared to initiate legal action against her companions from the reality show “Siempre Reinas” in case they continued to speak ill of her.

However, Sylvia Pasquel evaded the questions, revealing that she does not care what the soap opera diva thinks.

I do not care. There is no theme, there is no theme“He responded before the camera of the ‘Ventaneando’ program.

When asked if she already has lawyers prepared in case these threats are carried out, she reiterated that she has no opinion on the matter with the expression: “Nothing to say!“.

In addition, he revealed that he would like to share the screen in the second season of the controversial reality show with his colleague Laura León, but it is a decision that is not in his hands.

“She is a queen, because my love no longer depends on me. That’s where we’re at,” she commented.

Let us remember that it was on December 13 when Laura Zapata and Sylvia Pasquel received a warning from the legal team that represents Lucía Méndez, who through a statement reported that the actress was willing to file a criminal, civil lawsuit. and administrative in the event that her ex-partners from the reality show “Siempre Reinas” continued to mock her and make use of her image without authorization in the television programs they attend, as well as through social networks.

The foregoing arose from her participation in the YouTube program ‘Pinky Promise’, where Sylvia Pasquel assured that fortunately she has a community that respects her on social networks and does not receive criticism as in other profiles, and even called Lucía Méndez an “unemployed diva”.

“Blessed be God I don’t have many haters in my account, I have entered the account of another classmate and boy how does she have haters. We do work, (she) is an unemployed divanet”, he commented, among other statements.

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