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Sylvia Pasquel described Lucía Méndez as an unemployed diva

Everything points to himThe six chapters in which they worked together during the recording of the reality show always queenscaused enormous wear and tear on the relationship between the actress Lucia Méndez and her professional colleagues Lorena Herrera, Laura Zapata and Sylvia Pasquel.

These three TV villains recently attended the show pinky promise to talk about their experiences during their participation in the project sponsored by Netflix.

The interesting thing about the conversation was that, At all times, the actresses attacked the woman who, in 1972, after being named “Face of the Herald” of Mexico, broke into television to immediately position herself as a star.

“We are going to talk about three, we are three queens, why give it a rating?” Sylvia Pasquel pointed out at the outset.

When questioned about the absence of Lucia Méndez in the program, Silvia Pinal’s eldest daughter indicated that surely the 67-year-old actress had not attended the program because she was with the supposed lover she claims to have.

“He’s messing with the 28-year-old,” he said amidst the laughter of his colleagues.

Pasquel also warned that currently several people hate the image of Lucia Méndez.

“Blessed be God, I don’t have many haters on my account. I have entered the account of another classmate and wow how she has haters. She is an unemployed diva, net. The businessmen who manage it to locate it. They would have taken care of their image, it came out very scratchy“, he expressed.

Laura Zapata was added to the controversy, who assured that Lucia Méndez had stayed in the past and perhaps that also makes her a very difficult person to work with.

“We are current. She hasn’t done television since the last century. It was very difficult for me to work with a person who was so wild, reactive, that she put on all the jackets“, he claimed.

Despite the criticism towards her person, the next project in which Lucia Méndez will participate will be characterizing the mother of a boxer’s manager in the series La Máquina.

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