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Sylvester Stallone recalls his experience alongside Pelé in the movie “Victory”

Sylvester Stallone.

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The death of Edson Arantes do Nascimentobetter known as Pelehas made many people remember his experience in the cinema, since he was always willing to collaborate in various films such as “The master and his method”, “Hotshot”, “A minor miracle” Y “Birth of a legend”.

However, The soccer star’s biggest role on the big screen was a co-star in the 1981 film “Victory,” in which he shared credits with Michael Caine and Sylvester Stallone. The plot of the tape is based on real events, about a soccer game between prisoners of war and the Nazi forces during World War II; Stallone played the team’s goalie and “O King” Luis Fernandez, the star on the field and who, during a decisive moment, scores a goal with precision.

In an interview for the BBC in 2014, Sylvester told an anecdote after meeting Pelé on the set of “Victory” and it was enough for the actor to realize the Brazilian’s mastery as a footballer.: “It was one of the lowest moments of my life. They gave me a good beating. I still have a broken finger after trying to save a Pelé penalty. They all wore a pair of World War II shoes with steel toes, and the ball was like a cannonball, twice as thick and heavy as today’s balls…He said to me, ‘Look, I’m going to score the goal. , you stop here, I’m going to put the ball there’, and I thought: ‘It’s football, what’s the problem? It is easy’. So he kicks the first one and I hear “whoosh”…Ok, come on again, do it again. So I reach out my hand, break my finger, and the ball puts a hole in the goal net. and breaks the windows that were covered in wire from where we were filming. I said to myself: ‘I will never say that again,’” Stallone concluded by lowering his arms in reverence to “The King”.

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