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Swimmer Riley Gaines accuses the NCAA of denying opportunities to female athletes for promoting inclusion of transgender athletes

Lia Thomas, transgender swimmer on the podium of a women’s competition.

Photo: Kathryn Riley/Getty Images

Swimmer Riley Gaines went viral this week after accusing the NCAA of excluding female athletes for promoting the inclusion of transgender athletes. and he relied on his own experience to support that statement.

The swimmer from the University of Kentucky was blunt in her statements and also recounted how hard it was for her to have to compete against a biological man. “What NCAA policies have done is exclude female athletes and I can confirm the extreme discomfort in the locker room when you turned around and saw a man watching you undress while he undressed.“Said the athlete in relation to the competition with Lia Thomas, a transgender athlete.

In her opinion, a very worrying reality is taking place, which is causing the essence and integrity of women’s sports to be lost in the United States. “The number of female athletes who are being denied opportunities, or who have been traumatized or injured by policies that claim to promote inclusion, is growing at an alarming rate in this country. The integrity of women’s sports has been lost“.

Riley Gaines’ experience in competition with a transgender swimmer

Riley Gaines also recounted what was her experience competing against Lia Thomas, a transgender swimmer, an experience that was not encouraging at all and explained the reasons. “On March 17 of last year my teammates and I, and other swimmers from other universities, were forced to compete against a biological man named Lia Thomas, he omitted as a man for three years at the University of Pennsylvania“.

Thomas and I competed in the 400-meter freestyle and finished even to within hundredths of a second. Since there was only one trophy, the NCAA told me that I wouldn’t take any because they were going to give it to Thomas. They told me that I would only have one for the photos“, she continued recounting visibly dismayed.

These statements have gone viral, as they show the disadvantages of the competition between a woman and a biological man, and also bring to the table a debate told from the point of view of a protagonist.

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