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Sweetening ritual with honey and cinnamon to seduce the person you like

Sometimes you need a push to fall in love with the person we like and rituals can make the forces of the universe unite our paths. Sweetenings are the ideal types of spells for this type of request.

A sweetening is characterized by the materials to be used and they are powerful to attract what we want. Elements such as sugar, honey or certain types of sweet fruits are used, which serve to enhance positive feelings.

The ritual that we review below is to give you more confidence in yourself and, consequently, look more confident. If you project this energy from within, people may notice your attractiveness, which, It will make it easier for you to seduce the partner of your dreams..

Sweetening ritual with honey and cinnamon

This ritual can be carried out any day of the week, however, for it to be more effective it must be done when there is sunlight and preferably in full moon or crescent phasesrecommended the portal Hechizo.net.

The materials that we are going to need are: a sheet of paper, a red pen, a white porcelain plate, a pinch of ground cinnamon, a tablespoon of honey, half a glass of sugar, a white cloth bag and apple, orange or lemon.

With the red pen, write on the sheet the initials of your name followed by the phrase “I want to be irresistible to (the name of the person)”. If you don’t have a romantic goal in mind yet, you can write down “I want to be irresistible to men/women.”

Put this paper on the plate, now spread a tablespoon of honey over the message you just wrote down, then sprinkle a pinch of ground cinnamon and sugar until it is well buried.

Store it in a dark place like a closet or under your bed, after 24 hours, dig up the paper and place it in the white cloth bag and introduce the orange, lemon or apple seeds, making sure it is an odd number.

The last step is to bury this bag in a garden or natural space and water it as if it were a pot.

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