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Sustainable reform: tips, how to do it

People are showing more and more interest in taking commitment to sustainability🇧🇷 One way to preserve the environment and reduce the degradation of nature is to invest in a eco-friendly renovation to the house.

The sustainable house seeks not to affect the environment. (Photo: Disclosure)

THE sustainable construction is associated with new properties, but the trend can also influence renovation activities. Some simple measures make it possible to adapt the work in favor of the environment.

What this article covers:

Sustainable renovation tips

To renovate a property, the owner should not only have in mind the objective of recovering the house, but also of reducing the impacts it generates on the environment. Check it out below how to make a sustainable renovation🇧🇷

• The project must optimize the natural lighting and ventilation;

• Existing materials need to be evaluated in order to extend their useful life;

• It is recommended to work with materials that generate less waste in renovation and that they are recyclable;

• In other constructions, the resident is able to mine materials. This attitude generates savings and also contributes to the environment;

It is possible to mine the building materials. (Photo: Disclosure)

• Some items can be easily reused, such as sanitary ware and wooden floors;

•The owner can bet on the installation of a collection and use of rainwater;

• Paints and varnishes with low volatile organic compounds are recommended for sustainable renovations;

• When renovating the property, it is worth controlling the entry and exit of unnecessary packaging;

• The homeowner can implement a system of sustainable energy generationas is the case with solar heaters;

• Construction waste must be properly separated, always thinking about encouraging recycling and sustainability;

• When hiring a bucket for dispose of junk from renovationit is important to know if the company disposes correctly;

• Technologies contribute to a sustainable posture. To save electricity, for example, the owner of the house can bet on the installation of a “dimmer” and adopt presence sensors in the environments;

• Some equipment already have water saving functions, such as faucets, showers and toilets;

The reform needs to be well planned to preserve the environment. (Photo: Disclosure)

• Sustainable construction material deserves preference when shopping for renovations, such as recycled concrete, plastic wood, demolition wood and long-life packaging tiles;

• It is worth evaluating the possibility of including more windows to increase the entry of natural light;

• Leftovers from the renovation can be sold to supplement the budget or pay for labor. As the products are sold at below market prices, it is possible to close great deals.

Take advantage of tips for planning your home renovation in a sustainable way.

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