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Sustainable business and real estate developments in Mexico

Sustainability is increasingly important for the comprehensive development of society as a whole, therefore, the construction of sustainable real estate developments has become one of the main objectives within the real estate sector.

In a panorama of climate change and effects on the environment on a global scale, the issue of sustainability becomes crucial to contain these negative effects.

This topic is relatively new in our country but it is shaping up to be one of the main guidelines for the comprehensive development of our society. Therefore, we invite you to learn about some of the characteristics of sustainable real estate developments in Mexico and its.

What is sustainability and why is it important?

An activity is said to be sustainable or sustainable when it can be carried out for a long period of time without exhausting the resources available for its realization.

Although there are various definitions for this term, elaborated by academic experts, all of them agree that it has to do with the balance and correct management of available resources, and that is why its use has become popular mainly in economic and ecological disciplines. .

Natural resources are limited, and the greatest risk we run with their excessive exploitation is their disappearance, which would automatically translate into a direct threat to our integrity as an organized society. The importance of sustainability in Mexico and in the world lies precisely in keeping our lifestyle intact, enjoying all the benefits we have achieved as a society, but respecting the environment in which we all live.

Sustainability in Mexico

In Mexico, there has been talk of sustainability since the beginning of the 21st century. Before that, this concept was present only in the international arena and was even considered a foreign fashion. On the other hand, just over 20 years after its introduction, sustainability is being talked about since secondary education and even a little earlier.

And it is that our country is characterized by being a territory immensely rich in natural resources. Mexico presents practically all types of ecosystems, from the great desert areas in the north, beaches, deep forests and jungles, mountainous formations, lakes, rivers, mangroves, reefs and even frozen tundra regions. In addition, it is a great source of extraction of metals, minerals and oil.

For all these reasons, it is essential that all sectors of society focus on preserving their integrity. should not only talk about sustainable real estate developmentsbut also of sustainable business that impact as little as possible on the environment.

In our country, efforts to date have been directed at creating regulations that guarantee sustainable activities in all areas. In the case of the real estate market, for example, the most significant case is the adoption of international standards for the construction of new architectural projects, where certifications such as LEED and EDGE stand out.

However, according to experts in the field, a simple adoption of foreign practices is not only not recommended, but it is not possible, since the social, cultural, economic and natural conditions of our country are not the same as in other countries. North Americans and Europeans. That is why the solution lies in the adoption of its essential principles, but adapting them to the local context. Also, due to the great biodiversity that we already talked about, the implementation of these practices will be different according to the region of the country in question.

Sustainability in the real estate sector

Sustainability is increasingly important in our country and especially in the real estate sector, which is one of the main economic engines for the production of Gross Domestic Product, with around 6 percent participation per year.

According to the non-governmental organization Sustainability for Mexico, this sector is responsible for a third of the environmental impact, since “they generate 38 percent of CO emissionstwo, consume 14% of the water, 25% of the electricity and 80% of the LP gas”. Instead, it is estimated that sustainable real estate developments can reduce operating costs by up to 40 percent and CO emissionstwo by 45 percent, consume half the electricity, reduce water consumption by up to 60 percent and, if an adequate recycling program is implemented, the generation of waste decreases by up to 80 percent.

That is where lies the great importance of instilling the culture of sustainability in Mexico. Fortunately, joint efforts between governments, developers, builders and developers have resulted in significant and steady growth in the construction of new sustainable real estate developmentsthe creation of new construction standards for this purpose and the certification of more and more buildings.

top 5 new sustainable real estate developments in Mexico

The main cities of the country have begun to see in sustainability not only the future, but also the present of construction. Below, we present some of the most outstanding projects in this regard.

Residencial Lagos del Sol

This is a housing complex in Cancun, Quintana Roo, one of the main beach destinations not only in Mexico, but in the world. It is a development of more than 40 hectares where coexistence with endemic nature and water resources is essential.

Among its main features, it has its own wastewater treatment plant and a freshwater lake inhabited by species of native fauna, and where navigation is only allowed in non-motorized vehicles.

Reform Tower

In the office subsector, one of the most emblematic buildings in the world is the Reforma Tower in Mexico City. Inaugurated only in 2016, it has LEED platinum certification and in 2018 it received the International Highrise Award, one of the highest distinctions in the field of sustainability worldwide.

the gate

This is a macro-development of more than 130 thousand square meters of surface, in which it has mixed land use, so it is designed to house planned communities, that is, housing complexes that coexist with urbanization sites, such as schools. , hospitals, office buildings, supermarkets and shopping centers, thus favoring the reduction of CO emissionstwo. Similarly, the design of its internal roads encourages the use of public transport and non-motorized transport such as bicycles, in turn promoting pedestrian activity.

Tower 40 Lumiere

This is a vertical housing project located in the city of León, Guanajuato, and is already the tallest building in the Bajío area. It is a 40-story building, 160 meters high and 107 high-end apartments.

It fully complies with its responsibility in terms of sustainability, since all the electrical energy it consumes is self-supplied by a system of more than 1,300 photovoltaic panels. In addition, the materials that cover it are thermoacoustic, which reduces the need to use cooling and/or heating systems, thus saving a great deal of electricity consumption.


This is one of the projects sustainable real estate developments most ambitious in recent years throughout the country. This is a planned community project that will be located in the Cumbres Elite area, within the Monterrey metropolitan area.

Among its main characteristics is the presence of 93 thousand square meters of green areas, which will include 4 parks for the outdoor coexistence of families in the area. Likewise, the elimination of plastics in the provision of drinking water stands out, since this will be through a purification and distribution system that will also provide ultra-purified water. The generation of electrical energy will be through a cogeneration plant capable of supplying the entire complex, including the 12 buildings with their more than 1,800 apartments and the cultural center in the center of the central park.

It is currently in the construction stage and is expected to be completed by 2023.

It is a reality that the real estate sector is firmly moving towards a paradigm where sustainability is the main objective, and although there is still a long way to go, the path has been mapped out.

It is not about using sustainable real estate developments as an excuse to create a new subsector beyond the reach of the usual consumer. On the contrary, it is ultimately a matter of ensuring that this type of building also turns out to be sustainable businesswhich economically benefit all participants in real estate operations: builders, sellers, investors, real estate agents and buyers.

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