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Susana Zavaleta and Gabriela de la Garza begin this 2023 with madness

Susana Zabaleta has shown that she is an actress who can give life to all kinds of characters, from a sensual and seductive woman to a woman in a state of madness. This 2023 Zabaleta is starting this year with a new acting challenge, which will take him to the theater stages.

‘Dos locas de remate’ is the staging with which the co-star of ‘Sexo pudor y lágrimas’ returns. But the 58-year-old actress is not aloneis also accompanied by another top performer, Gabriela de la Garza, who already has extensive experience in Mexican show business.

The original work by Ramón Paso, under the direction of Manuel González Gil, tells of the reunion of two sisters during a painful event, after several years of not seeing each other. The story has been liked by the Mexican public, therefore, the staging is back this beginning of the year.

According to ‘El Universal’, the actresses had to stop the play due to professional occupations. In August of last year, despite being sold out, they gave priority to other activities, but Due to the success they have obtained, they decided to resume the story.

De la Garza recalled that having left the stage momentarily had an impact on the fact that they had forgotten part of the script, but that has not been an impediment to doing things right, “we have the text there, yes we turned to look at it suddenly (but) we remember a lot, we have a good memory,” he said with a laugh.

Gabriela added that she is preparing to give a great show “we had a general rehearsal, we missed a couple of things and that’s it, we’re ready.” The staging will be in force until Easter, since the commitments of both actresses prevent them from continuing the season.

Apparently this 2023 will be full of work and acting commitments for both interpreters, who for the moment will be enjoying this stage on theatrical stages outside of television sets and film recordings.

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