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Susana Zabaleta explodes against the audience in full concert and threatens to “kill” them | VIDEO

Once again the Mexican actress and singer, Susana Zabaleta, is under the public eye after it was noticed at an artistic Festival in Sonora, Mexico. Where true to her style, the soprano silenced some badly behaved fans and even threatened to kill them.

Accompanied by the Sonora Philharmonic Orchestra under the direction of maestro Héctor Acosta, the star spoke with the attendees before each piece he performed.

But in one of the interventions he did not hesitate to silence those who were making noise and they distracted her as well as the public that was at the recital, for which she asked them to leave.

“Who the hell is talking, is it upstairs? Listen outside, there’s a lot of space to talk, it’s just that you think you can’t hear yourself, but you can hear everything, we’re making silence for you, have you already spoken? Ok, outside for Please, outside, you can take it out, thank you,” said the also actress when facing the person who allegedly caused the riot, since she had already offered some warnings such as: “Shut up those who are there or I’ll kill you.”

Then Susana Zabaleta continued with her concert and warned people that if they don’t invite her back to the cultural event, they could find her in Mexico City.

Site where she lives and where she also performs recitals throughout the year, as she is one of the most active sopranos in the country.

But not everything was a bad taste in the mouth, as the celebrity showed his versatility by offering several pieces such as “Everything happens”, “Bad”, “La vida loca”, “Cuando nadie me ve” and “Danzón No.2 ” by Arturo Márquez, a composer from Álamos who was among the people in the audience and witnessed said tribute, In addition to going through other pieces authored by Manzanero, Rodolfo Páez, María Greever and Agustín Lara.

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