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Surviving the crisis: DECO proposes 18 measures

On World Consumer Rights Day, DECO presents a roadmap with 18 measures for families to survive the crisis.

The Portuguese Association for Consumer Defense (DECO) released a picture of the financial asphyxiation in which many families find themselves and presents a measure script which also aims to “encourage public debate on the living conditions of consumers and ensure decision-making that can promote the social and economic well-being of citizens”.

The 18 measures presented by DECO

The measures presented below had already been presented to the Government about a year ago, but so far without any response, says DECO. Thus, to mark World Consumer Protection Day, the Association makes public the roadmap containing measures that would allow families to “overcome the crisis, ensuring the safeguarding of their rights and interests by all sectors of the national economy”.

In the area of ​​food

1. Establishment of a Price Observatory to monitor the evolution of goods prices, as well as commercial practices.

2. Creation of legislation that reinforces transparency and the obligation to provide information to the consumer on products that are the target of downsizing (commercial practice consisting in reducing the size or quantity of a product packaged, maintaining or increasing the selling price).

3. Reinforcement of the offer of own brand and national products with special focus on a basket of essential goods.

With these measures, the consumer wins:

  • More transparent pricing;
  • Essential information for a better choice;
  • Easy access to essential food products.

In the Energy area

4. VAT reduction to 6% on all components of the electricity and natural gas bill.

5. Reassessment of the social tariff criteria taking into account the current context of inflation and the expansion of beneficiaries in relation to natural gas.

6. Simplification and support for switching providers.

With these measures, the consumer wins:

  • Invoice savings;
  • Extended protection for potential beneficiaries of the Social Tariff;
  • Easy access to more competitive offers.

In the Housing area

7. Fiscal, financial and social incentives that guarantee a true balance and supply in the market.

8. Creation of inclusive programs adapted to the needs of all consumers, including renting and purchasing permanent housing.

9. Simple and less bureaucratic measures to support housing energy performance for all consumers.

With these measures, the consumer wins:

  • More housing offer at low cost;
  • Greater savings;
  • Supports for better energy performance.

In the area of ​​Electronic Communications

10. Provision, by all operators, of an Economic Package of Services that includes telephone (landline and mobile), internet and TV (reduced number of channels, but with varied offer), at reduced prices and without compensation.

11. Prohibition, through exceptional and temporary measures of annual increases in communications services above the weighted average of the inflation rate of the last 10 years, which may be renewed.

12. Prohibition of increasing prices and fees applicable to postal services during 2023.

With these measures, the consumer wins:

  • Access to all communications services, at a fair and lower price than other commercial offers and without compensation;
  • Control of annual price increases;
  • More transparent business practices

In the areas of Water and Waste

13. Compulsory application of the Social Tariff by all management entities and in all aspects: supply, sanitation and waste.

14. Approval of the Service Quality Regulation.

15. Tariffs for Waste that reward those who separate for recycling.

With these measures, the consumer wins:

  • Invoice discounts;
  • Compensation for system inefficiencies;
  • Pay only for the waste produced.

In the area of ​​Mobility

16. Right to reimbursement by pass holders in the event of a strike.

17. Creation of a social tariff for collective public transport.

18. Application of VAT exemption on rail transport, including the luggage supplement for transporting bicycles and scooters.

With these measures, the consumer wins:

  • Greater equity for pass holders in the event of a strike;
  • Discounts on collective public transport for economically more vulnerable consumers;
  • Lower prices on the use of means of
    less polluting transport.

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