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Surprise! There is a bonus episode of Sandman available on Netflix • ENTER.CO

The Sandman turned out to be one of the best series on Netflix in 2022. And yet, we still don’t have a confirmation of a second season (with all the drama for the rights to the series that could put its return at risk). With this, if we’re being honest, we probably won’t get more of The Sandman for a while. Fortunately for us, Netflix wanted to give us an extra dose and this week (while most were asleep) released an extra chapter of The Sandman.

The Sandman Episode 11 is divided into two parts: A Dream of a Thousand Cats and Calliope. In case you want to crave, you can see the preview at the beginning of this article.

The first part, A Dream of a Thousand Cats, is completely animated and gives us the hope of having a couple more episodes of this type of The Sandman (considering that they manage to fully exploit the spirit of the show). It also features the voices of A-list stars such as David Tenant (the 10th Doctor in Doctor Who), as well as his wife Georgia Tennant, playing Don and Laura Lynn. Sandra Oh (Greys Anatomy) is The Prophet and James McAvoy (Split, X-Men) is the man with the golden hair, and there’s even a chance for a cameo from Neil Gaiman (creator of The Sandman) as the Raven and Skullbird.

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The second part is in Live Action format and also has the participation of another veteran of Dr. Who with Arthur Darvill (Rory in the BBC show). The extra chapter had already been leaked, but was initially intended as a special episode that would come much later or even as a preview of the season. It’s a strange conclusion within the rhythm of Sandman, considering that chapter 10 has a post-credits scene that precisely anticipates the next arc with Lucifer’s ‘revenge’ on the way.

You can see all 11 episodes of Sandman exclusively on Netflix.

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